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Committee On Online Learning (COOL)

Online/Hybrid Course Delivery Proposal Form

First time submitting a proposal? Please review the Online/Hybrid Course Proposal process.

Submit the Proposal Form Below - Overview of What Will Happen

  1. ENTER RESPONSES / SUBMIT FORM. Submitting the form below generates a proposal document (a Google Doc), which you will be able to review/revise/update as needed and share with others. Once the COOL chair conducts an initial review of the proposal document, you will receive an email containing a link to your proposal.

  2. DEAN APPROVAL. After the COOL chair conducts an initial review of the proposal document, the Dean for your Division will receive an AUTOMATIC email which includes links to the proposal document and the Dean approval form.

  3. EDIT / SHARE WITH COLLEAGUES. Using the link in the email sent to you, you can share the link to the document with discipline colleagues, etc.

  4. COOL TEAM REVIEW. After the proposal deadline (and upon Dean approval), your proposal will be automatically assigned to a COOL Review Team (3-5 faculty) for review and feedback.

  5. RESPOND TO FEEDBACK / REVISE. After the COOL team reviews your proposal and posts feedback, you will be asked to review the feedback and provide any clarifications and/or revisions if needed.

To PREVIEW the proposal form, click here for a PDF version. (But be sure to submit the web version).

Online/Hybrid Course Proposal Form

Course Site Review (for first-time teaching in online/hybrid delivery)

If this is your first time teaching an online or hybrid course at Chabot, you will also need to provide a brief demonstration of your course (more details on course demonstration). Below is the Online/Hybrid Course Review Checklist Guide, which team members will use as a guide of best practices when reviewing your course site:

Course Review Checklist Guide

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