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Committee On Online Learning (COOL)


2017-2018 Co-Chairs:

Aldrian Estepa , Psychology

Ryan Sherbart, Philosophy, Humanities, Religious Studies


Academic Pathways and Student Success

Gareth Scott, Library

Academic Services

Angela Villasana, Academic Services / Classified Senate

Applied Technology & Business

Bob Buell, Fire Technology

Kristin Lima, Dean, Applied Technology & Business

Melissa Patterson, Business

Kurt Shadbolt: Automotive Technology

Lisa Ulibarri, Online Learning

Minta Winsor, Online Learning

Wanda Wong, Business


Laura Alarcon, Psychology Counseling

Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences (AHSS)

Christina Davis, Communication Studies

Richard Dinwiddie, Arts & Humanities

Arpine Hovasapian, Psychology

Cheryl Mackey, Administration of Justice

Kirsten Olson, Anthropology

Andrew Pierson, Psychology

Bonnie Stipe, Art

Health, Kinesiology & Athletics

Kyle Robinson, Kinesiology

Language Arts

TJ. Puckett, English

Michael Langdon, English

Cristina Moon, Spanish

Caren Parrish, French

Science & Math

Scott Hildreth, Astronomy and Physics

Erin Kelly, Math

Zarir Marawala, Anatomy and Physiology

Anu Sharma, Chemistry

Special Programs and Services

Nathaniel Rice, Disabled Student Resource Center

Student Senate

(Vacant), Student Senate


Previous COOL Co-Chairs:

Scott Hildreth and Minta Winsor

Wanda Wong and Minta Winsor

Ramona Silver

Jan Novak

Rick Moniz

Zarir Marawala

Scott Hildreth

Membership guidelines can be found in the Shared Governance and Collegial Consultation Process (go to page 15), although please note that the document has not been updated for quite some time.


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