COVID-19 Updates: Classes and Services are online while the campus is closed.

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The Zone Student Portal is unavailable. However, you can still access Class-Web and Zonemail
CoronaVirus (Covid-19) Updates

For Students

For Fall 2020, online learning will continue at Chabot College for most classes. Students can get important information on how your class has transitioned to online in CLASS-Web.

See Complete Info for Fall 2020      Safety Guidelines


Academic Tutoring and Resources


Online Student Services

Where possible, campus services are provided online by email, video conferencing, and telephone.

Here is a list of the student service areas with contact info. 

Director: Paulette Lino,
Department Email:

Students can now request for class withdrawal and request to change grading option to Pass/No Pass, due to Covid-19. Learn more at Admissions webpage.

Online Student Services:

  1. Application for Admission
  2. Course Registration
  3. Tuition & Fee payments on ClassWeb
  4. Official Transcript Requests
  5. Transcript Information Email:

Submitting Documents Online

  1. Following documents may be submitted via Zonemail to Enrollment verifications, certificate/degree evaluations, AB540 affidavit, request for refund, IGETC/CSUGE cert., etc.
  2. Zonemail Document Submission: Students need to convert photo files of documents into PDF’s so they can be received remotely via Zonemail using Adobe Acrobat.

Check our website for more info

Director: Terri Anderson,
Assessment Specialist: Katrin Field,

  • Due to closure, the following tests have been suspended: Ability to Benefit (ATB), Chemistry, ESL
  • Math and English self-placement is available in Class-Web

Check our website for more info

  • All canceled until further notice
  • Closed
  • Closed until further notice

Dean Debbie Trigg,
Department Email:

Online Services

Submitting Documents

Check our website for more info

  • Closed until further notice

Director Nathaniel Rice,
DSPS Department
DSPS Team Member email directory
FAX: 510.723.7200 

  • Questions may be emailed to relevant DSPS staff directly, from any email
  • Documents submitted for disability verification must be sent via Zonemail, for student authentication. If you are new to Zonemail, please start with the Zonemail tutorial.

Check our website for more info

Director Abigail Garcia
: (510) 936-1151
Department Email:

Social Media: Instagram @dreamcenterchabot; Facebook @dreamcenterchabot

Counseling & Financial Aid Appointments/ Citas para Consejeria & Ayuda Financiera 


Legal Services/Servicios Legales 

  • Legal Services by East Bay Law Center provided via Telephone/ Servicios legales seran ofrecidos por telefono

Check our website for more info

Director Abigail Garcia
: (510) 736-2110
Social Media
: Instagram @elcentrochabot; Facebook @elcentrochabot

Counseling & Financial Aid Appointments/ Citas para Consejeria & Ayuda Financiera 

Send quick questions to a counselor through Virtual Counseling

Check our website for more info

Director: Kathy Medina
Department Email:
Department Phone Number: (510) 723-6748

Financial Aid Contact Directory

Online Student Services

    1. Reach us through one of three options:
    2. Document Verification:
      • Check ClassWeb to see what verification items are outstanding; each item links to either a downloadable form and/or website for external verification
    3. Inquiries and documents:
      • Please email the Financial Aid Office at from your secure ZoneMail email. Submit any 2019-2020 verification documents to us via your ZoneMail account (pdf, jpg or png).
    4. ChatBot “Money Max” – Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence to answer frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and direct students to other resources

Check out the Financial Aid Office website for more information.

FRESH pantry is closed until further notice.
However, we are working on a grab-and-go food option for April, provided that work conditions allow for this.

Clinic Supervisor Janette Munoz

Services provided via Telephone Consultation: 510.723.7625

Check our website for more info

Dean Jeanne Wilson
Department Email: 

Documents may be submitted via Zonemail directly to Program Staff listed on our website.

Check our website for more info

Faculty tutoring is available online via zoom. 
Check website for schedule and directions.

Director Bobby Nakamoto, 
Administrative Assistant, Maria Wick, 

Check our website for more info 

Director Arnold Paguio, 
Department Email:
FAX: 510.723.7196

Check our website for more info

Director Terri Anderson,
Assessment Specialist Katrin Field, 
Counselor Assistant Bionca Sparrow,
Student Services Karen Metcalf,

Remote services available:

  • Monday - Thursday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm 

The in-person Student Orientation & Registration (SOAR) Day on Saturday, April 25, 2020 has been canceled.
See SOAR Steps

Check our website for more info

Director Terri Anderson,
Department Email: 

New, First Time College Students Student Success Steps Online:

  • Apply online
  • Online Orientation
  • Application for Financial Aid
  • Guided Self Placement for Math and Informed Course Selection process for English in ClassWeb
    Directions: Sign in to ClassWeb with your Chabot ID number (W#) and PIN (6 digit birth date)
    Then complete the:
    • Chabot English Informed Course Selection
    • Chabot Math Guided Self-Placement

Check our website for more info

Department Email:
FAX: (510) 723-7057

Online forms are available and can be submitted via Zonemail

Veterans Program Coordinator - Melissa Bailey
Video appointment or live chat -

Contact Melissa for:

  • General questions about Veterans Services
  • Schedule an appointment with a Veterans Counselor (Student Education Plans, Overrides, Probation and/or Disqualification, Course Substitutions, and/or Waiver of Program Requirements)
  • VA Work Study Questions 

School Certifying Official - Mary Ann Nadonza
Video appointment or live chat -

Contact Mary Ann for:

Most Common Forms for Veterans

Check our website for more info

Vice President Matthew Kritscher,
Executive Assistant Bella Witt,

Students may submit official documents via Zonemail or fax to (510) 723-7029

  1. Student Conduct online forms
  2. Student Grievance online forms

Check our website for more info