Academic Counseling

Academic counseling provides you with guidance, information and support to help you complete your degree, certificate and/or transfer goals. Our assistance includes:

1. Student Educational Plans (SEP)

New, first time in college students should attend a PSCN 25 group planning session to create an abbreviated, one-semester SEP. The SEP helps define what classes to take your first semester to start you on the right path toward your educational goal. Sign up for the PSCN 25 group sessions in the Assessment Center after completing your assessment tests.

Returning, transferring in and continuing students who do not have an SEP on file should visit the Counseling Front Desk (Building 700, 2nd Floor) to request an appointment to develop a SEP.

To help you meet your specific areas of interest or goals, your counselor can create a custom educational plan just for you based on your academic goals. To do this, you must:

  1. Have a major or goal selected; and,
  2. Have already completed your Mathematics and English Assessment Tests.

Your SEP will include a specific list of courses for you to take for each subsequent term until your academic goal is met.

There are 2 types and your counselor can advise which would fit you best:

  1. SEP Abbreviated: This plan maps 1 to 3 semesters of classes.
  2. SEP Comprehensive: This plan maps out all courses needed towards your educational goal including degree, transfer and certificate.

To create your SEP, schedule an appointment with a Counselor and specify that you are requesting a SEP


2. Transfer Planning (transferring to/from Chabot)

Counselors and the Transfer Center offers assistance, support and workshops for your transfer goals.

Schedule an appointment with a Counselor.


3. Unofficial Evaluation

If you’re wondering:

How do I know I have everything I need to get my AA/AS degree to graduate?
How do I know if the classes I took at another college count toward my degree at Chabot?
How do I know I have everything I need to transfer to another college?

Then your Counselor can help with an unofficial evaluation. Courses you’ve taken at Chabot College and/or from other colleges or university are reviewed and your counselor will discuss with you on your progress relating to prerequisite requirements and your pursuit of a degree, certificate and/or transfer.

Recommendation: Request this evaluation every semester to stay on track.

Schedule an appointment with a Counselor for an unofficial evaluation.


4. Prerequisite Clearance

If you have taken or currently taking a course that fulfills the prerequisite of a Chabot College course you are registering for, the Counseling Office will assist you with prerequisite clearance.


5. Academic Probation and Dismissal

Counselors will assist and support students to return back to “student in good standing” status as you’re going thru academic probation and dismissal.


6. Recommend Psychology-Counseling (PSCN) Courses

If you are interested in Human Services and Helping Profession careers, the Psychology-Counseling (PSCN) division offers AA degrees, certificates and transferable courses to 4-year colleges for higher degrees.

Additionally, we have courses to support your current goals:

  • Career & Educational Planning
  • College Study Skills
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • and more!