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Appointments are an hour long, conducted in-person for the following reasons:

  1. Abbreviated Student Education Plan (SEPA) and Comprehensive SEP.
  2. Student Academic Progress (SAP) required for students appealing a financial aid suspension.
  3. Academic Probation 2 Contract
    (During Finals Week, Winter Break and Summer Session only, please select this reason for Academic Probation 1)
  4. Academic or Progress Dismissal
  5. Other Academic
    1. Career Counseling
    2. Program Planning
    3. Transfer
    4. Unofficial Evaluation


Who may schedule an appointment?

Appointments can be scheduled by students who are:

  1. Currently enrolled, or
  2. Returning and have reapplied for admission, or
  3. Transferring from another college and have applied for admission.

Apply links:


BEFORE scheduling an appointment, students:

  1. Must have a Chabot College Student ID (W Number).
  2. Must bring unofficial transcripts from other colleges attended to the appointment unless you have submitted official transcripts to Admissions and Records.
  3. May schedule an appointment up to one week in advance.
  4. May only schedule one appointment at a time.


3 ways to schedule an appointment

  1. Online
    ****At this time, smartphone users will have to use their data plan or another wifi besides CC-public to access this site.

    What can you do if no appointments are available?

    1. Continue to check availability--additional appointments may become available throughout the day.
    2. Visit General Counseling to check on  appointment cancellation availability during service hours.
    3. Call General Counseling at (510) 723-2642 to check on appointment cancellation availability. The best time to check on same day cancellation is 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.

  2. In-person:

    Visit General Counseling during service hours.


  3. By phone at (510) 723-6735 during service hours for appointment scheduling and procedural information . Not available September 4-8



Other counseling options

Students may meet briefly (about 10 minutes) with a counselor for quick answers to academic questions in the Career and Transfer Center starting August 21. Please stop by the Transfer Center information desk to check for service availability. See the CTC hours of operation.

Student may speak with a Front Desk Counselor during the first week of the term for quick answers to academic questions.  Front Desk counseling is available during General Counseling services hours in the outer General Counseling Lobby.


Academic Counseling

Career Counseling

Personal Counseling


  • As a courtesy to other students and staff we ask:
    Students should be on time for their appointment. There is a computer for appointment self check in. If your counselor does not come out to get you at your appointment time please notify front desk staff immediately.
  • Cancelling an appointment:
    Cancel online or come in-person to the counseling front desk to notify in advance if you cannot keep your appointment and need to cancel or reschedule. Appointments will be cancelled if students are more than 10 minutes late. *Students who have lost appointment privileges due to missed appointments may petition to the Dean of Counseling for reinstatement.
  • Privacy / FERPA
    Please note that Chabot ensures the privacy of all student records in accordance with statutes set forth in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. By law, college personnel, including counseling faculty and staff, are not permitted to give access to or to release student records/information to anyone other than a student. This statute applies regardless of the age of the student.
  • Transferring
    If you are transferring to Chabot from another college, you will need to meet with a counselor to verify prerequisites and possibly waive orientation and the assessment test, even if you have submitted official transcripts to Admissions & Records.
  • Student ID
    All students must have a Chabot student ID ( know their W#) in order to make a Counseling Appointment.  Once you have submitted the (free) Chabot College's admissions application you may go to Student Online Services to get a student ID (must bring proof of course registration and picture ID).

Counseling Service Hours

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