Dreamers - Supporting Undocumented Students

For Post-election updates, including the termination of the DACA Program, you can find information and resources here 

Support for Undocumented, AB540 & DACA Students at Chabot College.

In order to build additional supports for undocumented and/or AB540/DACA students at Chabot College, we have developed this website to provide information and resources. 

We currently offer the following supports and resources for Chabot students:

  • DREAM Big/Sueña Grande@Chabot College” workshops provide information and support regarding the CA Dream Act, AB-540, DACA, transfer information, scholarships/financial aid and more.  We offer 2-3 workshops per semester. 
  • The Chabot Dreamers Club is a student club designed to provide a safe and supportive space for undocumented students on campus. We meet every Thursday from 12-1pm in room 506.  Please contact club co-advisors Katie Messina at kmessina@chabotcollege.edu and Benjamin Barboza at bbarboza@chabotcollege.edu for more information. 
  • A number of Chabot College Special Programs are open to undocumented students, including DarajaEOPSHayward Promise Neighborhood (HPN),and the Puente Project

New Student Checklist for DREAMers at Chabot College

Step 1: Complete all general new student steps.  Note: When completing the Chabot online application for admission, you will be asked to provide your citizenship status information. 

  1. If you identify as a DACA recipient student, use your DACA Social Security number, and under the citizenship section select “other.” For visa type, select “other.” Then, enter the DACA issue and expiration dates.
  2. If you identify as an undocumented student, under the citizenship section select “other.” Then, under visa type, select "other" or “no documents."

Step 2: Determine whether you have been classified as a non-resident.  If you have, you may receive an email or notice that your fees are much higher than expected.  If this is the case, you may still be eligible to either (1) be reclassified as a CA resident or (2) have your non-resident tuition waived.

1. To be reclassified as a CA resident, submit the Petition for Reclassification of Residency to the Office of Admissions and Records. This petition will require supporting documentation and should only be submitted if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You currently hold an immigration status (like DACA) that is eligible to establish California residency and you have had (or applied for) that status at least 366 days prior to the start of the term.
  • You have been physically present in California with the intent to make California your home for other than a temporary purpose at least 366 days prior to the start of the term.

2. If you don’t meet the above mentioned criteria, you may still be eligible to have your non-resident tuition waived.  Submit the AB-540 affidavit along with your high school transcript to the Office of Admissions and Records if you meet the AB-540 criteria.

Step 3: If you meet the criteria for AB-540, apply for financial aid by submitting the CA Dream Act Application online.

Step 4: Meet with a counselor if you have further questions and check out the resources and information on this website, including the Chabot Dreamers Club, “DREAM Big/Sueña Grande@Chabot College” Workshops, and Chabot Special Programs.

Printable version of New Student Checklist: dreamers-steps-for-new-students

How can I get more information?

Here is a list of local, state, and national organizations that provide a multitude of information and resources for undocumented students.

Post-election Updates & Information

Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC) is a great local organization that provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on AB540, DACA, CA Dream Act, scholarships, workshops, legal consult etc.

Financial Aid/Scholarship & Transfer Institution Resources

Immigration/Legal Resources

Immigration laws are complex and subject to change.  Please refer to the following agencies for specific questions and support regarding immigration and legal status:

Additional Resources for Allies & Educators

The Dream Team

The Dream Team is a collaborative partnership between the Equity Coordinating Council, Financial Aid Office, Student Services, C.L.E.A. and The Puente Project.
Together, we share, develop and provide information and resources for our undocumented/AB-540/DACA (DREAMer) students.


Dreamers Club

Katie Messina
Dreamers Club Co-Advisor

Pedro Reynoso
Dreamers Club Co-Advisor

Benjamin Barboza
Dreamers Club


Financial Aid & Admissions & Records

Building 700, 1st floor

Kathy Linzmeyer
Director of Financial Aid

Philomena Franco
Fiscal Coordinator for Grants & Special Programs

Remi Ramos
Financial Aid Advisor

Noell Adams
Admissions & Records, Degree Audit/SEP System Coordinator


Special Programs

Building 700, 2nd floor

Sandra Genera
Puente Project Counselor/Coordinator

Kristin Land
English Instructor/Coordinator

Gabriel Chaparro
STEM Equity Director - STEM Center Rm. 3906