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Michelle Sherry

My early teaching experience began in Oakland Public Schools.  I became interested in other educational philosophy and co-founded and taught Kindergarten in a Waldorf School in Berkeley. I was fortunate to then have the opportunity to teach alongside Dr. Elinor Griffin who was well known for her in depth understanding about the Emotional-Social Development for Young Children.  She was most influential in shaping my passion and advocacy for Early Childhood Education. I began teaching at Mills College in Oakland, supervising student teachers in the Department of Education Lab School. I did professional writing and teaching for the California Early Childhood Mentor Teacher Program which originated here at Chabot College. During those years I began teaching evening classes at Merritt College, Chabot College, and San Francisco City College. I have been a full time faculty member at Chabot since 1997.                                                                                                                           

Through the Faces of Cuba program here at Chabot, I have spent a great deal of time in Cuba, learning about their pedagogy for the education of young children, and visiting and spending time at schools throughout the island. I also consulted and spent time in an orphanage in Albania, where a non-profit program in England called “Homes and Hopes for Children” was setting up a student teaching program with the University in Tirana.
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