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Thursday, 12 October 2017
Time: 12 - 1:00 PM
Board Room

Agenda & Minutes
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    Our Meetings:
    Time: 12- 1:00 PM /Location: Board Room Building 200

     For the handouts from meetings, please see
    the agenda & minutes link!

The Facilities and Sustainability Committee currently meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month during the academic year.  All faculty, staff, administration, and students are welcome to attend and participate at the meetings.


Representatives for 2016 - 2017


Deonne Kunkel, Administration

Adrian Huang, Architecture Faculty

Project Manager & Liaison for Measure B Bond Construction: Doug Horner

Senior Project Manager, Swinerton Management & Consulting:  Greg Horne, P.E.

ACADEMIC DIVISIONS (Dean & 1 representative each)

Applied Technology & Business                                Dean: Kristin Lima  Division Rep: Wanda Wong

Arts, Humanties & Social Sciences                            Dean: Deonne Kunkel  Division Rep: Dov Hassan

Health, Kinesiology & Athletics                                  Dean: Dale Wagoner   Division Rep: Jeff Drouin

Language Arts                                                           Dean: Marcia Corcoran   Division Rep: Angela Blair

Special Programs                                                       Dean: Jeanne Wilson Division Rep: Sandra Genera

Science and Math                                                      Dean: Char Perlas  Division Rep: Najla Abrao

Counseling                                                                 Dean: Valjean Dale   Division Rep: Juztino Panella

Library                                                                      Dean: Amy Mattern   Rep: Pedro Reynoso

Academic Pathways & Student Success                     Dean: Amy Mattern Division Rep:  Jane Wolford

 CLASSIFIED SENATE (5)                                                  Cheryl Sannebeck

                                                                                                Kim Bononcini

                                                                                                Gordon Watt

                                                                                                Heather Hernandez

                                                                                                Nathan Moore

 STUDENT SENATE (1)                                                      Ben Nash

 CLPFA (1)                                                                           David Fouquet

 CLASSIFIED UNION (1)                                                   TBA

 VICE PRESIDENTS                                                             Matt Kritscher, Student Services

                                                                                                Stacy Thompson, Academic Services

                                                                                                (Pending) Administrative Services


  • Recommend construction, modification, and allocation of facilities across campus .
  • Recommend sequencing and priority of renovation and construction of projects.
  • Coordinate with the Citizens' Oversight Committee.
  • Review and adjust facilities planning documents.
  • Coordinate with Institutional Planning and Budget Council in development of Chabot's Facilities Master Plan.
  • Review facilities utilization to increase efficiency.
  • Assign responsibility of space to divisions or individuals.
  • Coordinate with District Maintenance and Operations College physical plant maintenance and upgrades.
  • Assists and supports College planning process as needed or requested.

If you have any agenda items to suggest, or issues to discuss, please email Adrian Huang (ahuang@chabotcollege.edu)

Plans, Projects, & Status


Status Log of Problems/Issues Reported (5/1/14)

Facilities Committee Update (9/20/13)

TV Studio (pdf)

Facilities Requests from Planning, Review and Budget Council (PRBC) (2014)

Building 100 Presentation and Handouts from 5/16/2013 President's Brown Bag Forum

Electric Vehicle Charging Proposal

Building 1600 FPP

Chabot College

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