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The Facilities and Sustainability Committee currently meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month during the academic year.  All faculty, staff, administration, and students are welcome to attend and participate at the meetings.

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Future Meetings:

Our Committee Meets at Noon on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each Month.  The Schedule for Fall Semester 2014 includes meetings on the following dates:

Past Meetings

Thursday, May 22

1) Welcome

2) New Co-chair for 2014-2015 Academic Year

3) New issues to discuss

§                 Creation of unisex bathrooms on campus

§                 Request for re-purposing of 455 for Business Study Area

§                 Seismic Upgrades for Arcade

4) Smaller Projects Status & Prioritization
                         (Handout: Chabot College Facilities Project List  - May 2014; Excel Spreadsheet also available online)

5) Items to Note & Discuss (time permitting)  
        (Handout: Chabot College Facilities Request Tracking Log Spreadsheet 5/22/14)


Thursday May 8 (Building 2300 Staff Lounge)


  • Student Health Center Relocation -
    Tour of 2300 Staff Lounge Area and Discussion of Feasibilities

  • Small Project updates:

    • Building 1400/1600 hallway TV monitor installation (PDF handout linked online)

    • Building 1008 Architecture Program Proposal - Wiring costs

    • Building 1600 User Team Meeting

    • Biological Sciences Facilities Renovation User Team Meeting

  • Summary List of Small Project Proposals & Current Request Log (5/8/14)

  • Other Issues

    • Accreditation update

    • New Co-Chair for 2014-2015



Past Meeting Agendas and Minutes are available online

Our Recent Meeting: Thursday, 24 April Noon - in 1810 Physics Lab


1)  Welcome

2)   Roof Props for Fire Technology Program Ladders (Bob Buell) for building 2900  (drawings and schematics)
to show us that will really help us get a sense of the proposed Small Project budget request.

3) Accreditation Update and what we need to do as a team over the remainder of this term, and through the fall, to prepare our responses to the Standard IIIB (Physical Resources) section of our college's self study.  We'll take a quick look at a draft survey as well.

We'll also discuss the District Facilities Committee being formed as part of the Integrated Planning and Budget Model, and our role to recommend and support nominees to that committee to represent Chabot's interests.

4)  Small Project proposal for Batting Cages to support our Baseball teams, shared by Jeff Drouin, and the recommendation for DSA approval.

One thing we won't be able to make much headway on this week is the status for the small projects requests we have already recommended to the President. The creation of those actual budget items for the Library renovation, for the additional closets in building 3100, for the roof props mentioned above for 2900, and for the data fiber/wireless project to the football and softball press boxes, are hopefully going to be expedited once Susan returns. I'll keep everyone updated as to their status.

The Building 1600 renovation team will hopefully be convening soon to help further define those needs so we can move forward with a budget request as well.

Earth Day - April 22 - 2014 Activities

Our Recent Meeting: Thursday, 10 April Noon - in 1008 Architecture Lab

1) Welcome

2) Building 1008 Small Project - Equipping the Architecture Lab (Presented by Adrian Huang)

3) Reviewing Updated List of "Smaller Projects"

4) Motions

-         Recommend postponing completion of Landscaping projects (Dave Fouquet)
This resolution was amended and passed by the committee members.  The text of the resolution is available online.

5) New Items to Note & Discuss (As time permits)

  • Skateboard protection for Building 1100 area

  • Need to address Student Drop-Off Point

  • Smart Scoreboard

6) Accreditation Update

          - Building-specific survey questions

          - Method for sending out and soliciting input

If you have any agenda items to suggest, or issues to discuss, please email Scott Hildreth: shildreth@chabotcollege.edu

Plans, Projects, & Status

Status Log of Problems/Issues Reported (5/1/14)

Facilities Committee Update (9/20/13)

TV Studio (pdf)

Facilities Requests from Planning, Review and Budget Council (PRBC)

Building 100 Presentation and Handouts from 5/16/2013 President's Brown Bag Forum

Electric Vehicle Charging Proposal

Building 1600 FPP

Active Representatives for 2013 - 2014


  • Susan Sperling, College President
  • Scott Hildreth, Science & Mathematics

Project Manager & Liaison for Measure B Bond Construction: Doug Horner

Senior Project Manager, Swinerton Management & Consulting:  Greg Horne, P.E.

APPLIED TECHNOLOGY & BUSINESS:  Tom Clark, Wanda Wong, Mike Sherburne, Ashley Long, and Bob Buell


LANGUAGE ARTS: Marcia Corcoran, Monica Munger, Angela Hobbs

SCIENCE & MATHEMATICS: Tram Vo-Kumamoto, Keith Mehl, Rebecca Otto

SCHOOL OF THE ARTS & HUMANITIES: Janice Golojuch, Gene Hale *







* CLASSIFIED SENATE Appointees: Gordon Watt, Nate Moore, and Gene Hale

CLASSIFIED UNION: Appointed by the Classified Union, SEIU Local 790

ASSOCIATED STUDENTS: Lidia Calderon, Appointed by the Associated Students of Chabot College


  • Recommend construction, modification, and allocation of facilities across campus .
  • Recommend sequencing and priority of renovation and construction of projects.
  • Coordinate with the Citizens' Oversight Committee.
  • Review and adjust facilities planning documents.
  • Coordinate with Institutional Planning and Budget Council in development of Chabot's Facilities Master Plan.
  • Review facilities utilization to increase efficiency.
  • Assign responsibility of space to divisions or individuals.
  • Coordinate with District Maintenance and Operations College physical plant maintenance and upgrades.
  • Assists and supports College planning process as needed or requested.

Chabot College

Last Updated: 10/3/14 - sh

Questions/Input: shildreth@chabotcollege.edu


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