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Next Meeting: Thursday 12/10

Items on the agenda include water bottle charging stations, space allocation, updates, and signage.


The Facilities and Sustainability Committee currently meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month during the academic year.  All faculty, staff, administration, and students are welcome to attend and participate at the meetings. The Schedule for Fall Semester 2015 includes meetings on the following dates:

Thursday, 8/27

Thursday 9/10 (in 1008)

Thursday 9/24 (cancelled)

Thursday, 10/8 (in 405)

Thursday 10/22 (in 405)

Thursday, 11/12

Thursday, 12/10

Agenda for 11/13:
  • Presentation by GSA on need for restroom changes/designations.
  • Candidate for classified professional to be committee co-chair: Nate Moore
  • Budget report on Measure B funds. What do we have in the kitty?
  • Water bottle stations
  • Stepping stones
  • Where, oh where will our health center go?



For the meeting in October we will discuss and decide  what action to take concerning the seismic condition of the breezeways and colonnades around campus. If you need a refresher, the presentations are posted on the website, or I would be happy to go over some of it with you. Also we'll get going on the water charging stations and prioritization.
President Sperling has decided to step down as co-chair of the committee. VP Matt Kritscher has volunteered to step in as the admin co-chair. Let me know if there are any comments or questions. We will ask the committee to confirm this at the next meeting.
Now, this is important--and it relates to the cryptic warning I gave at the last meeting about some last minute revisions to the space allocation from last semester.
    We have indeed been awarded a very generous grant to create and furnish a first-rate Veterans Resource Center. While this is fantastic news, and is a great honor for Chabot, as well as an opportunity to serve this portion of the student body with a world class space, it does come with some conditions and challenges.
    First is that we have to move FAST. To meet the conditions and needs of the donor, we will need to the great majority of the work and furnishing completed before the end of January. Second, it must include ALL of the space formerly used by PATH for tutoring. So, what does that mean for the Committee? 
1. To be able to award contracts for demo, construction, data, furniture and other time-critical tasks, it was suggested that we create a budget for immediate use from Measure B funds. This will allow us to get started without waiting for the District to finalize the donation. On Friday the President had a meeting with me, and in the interest of time I spoke on behalf of the Committee and recommended that she proceed with making a budget of $100,000 from Measure B funds to be used to enable construction and purchases to begin. This should also take the form of a "loan", and will be revisited when the donated funds become available for the project.
2. This will also mean that some of the arrangements we made for space will need to be looked at again, as this leaves the Health Center without a new home. Obviously we will need to discuss this and perhaps reshape some space allocation.
Those are the hot topics. I wanted to give everyone a heads up, and time to think about, respond, or speak with me about these issues. I will be sending more specifics as I get them.
Mark Stephens
Co-chair, Facilities and Sustainability Committee

CHECK OUT the LANDSCAPE PLAN that is happening right now at our "front door"!

We still need you!  Join the campus signage subcommittee!  Click here for more info!

Active Representatives for 2014 - 2015


  • Susan Sperling, College President
  • Mark Stephens, Social Science

Project Manager & Liaison for Measure B Bond Construction: Doug Horner

Senior Project Manager, Swinerton Management & Consulting:  Greg Horne, P.E.

APPLIED TECHNOLOGY & BUSINESS:  Wanda Wong, Mike Sherburne, Ashley Long, and Bob Buell


LANGUAGE ARTS: Marcia Corcoran, Monica Munger, Angela Hobbs

SCIENCE & MATHEMATICS: Tim Dave, Keith Mehl, Rebecca Otto, Scott Hildreth

SCHOOL OF THE ARTS & HUMANITIES: Janice Golojuch, Gene Hale *







* CLASSIFIED SENATE Appointees: Gordon Watt, Nate Moore, and Gene Hale

CLASSIFIED UNION: Appointed by the Classified Union, SEIU Local 790

ASSOCIATED STUDENTS:  Appointed by the Associated Students of Chabot College


  • Recommend construction, modification, and allocation of facilities across campus .
  • Recommend sequencing and priority of renovation and construction of projects.
  • Coordinate with the Citizens' Oversight Committee.
  • Review and adjust facilities planning documents.
  • Coordinate with Institutional Planning and Budget Council in development of Chabot's Facilities Master Plan.
  • Review facilities utilization to increase efficiency.
  • Assign responsibility of space to divisions or individuals.
  • Coordinate with District Maintenance and Operations College physical plant maintenance and upgrades.
  • Assists and supports College planning process as needed or requested.


Past Meetings

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Facilities 1/29/15  (Minutes from Bob Buell - Thanks Bob!)

Discussed Quench purified water refill stations presented by SSCC
- Brita Hydration Stations $170/mo per unit (rental per station)
- 12 to 60 month contract lease options
- includes filter changes and maintenance
- 24 to 48 hours for maintenance/service
- Set-up needs to connect within 200' of water line
- Filters - couple hundred thousand gallons before replacement
- Leak Detection on Brita Stations
- Spigots could leak over time

Construction Update
- Hesperian - formed footings for first 2 sections of the wall
- PO's for Granite wall - to be done around April - lettering a month or so later
- Bldg 100 - finished top floor
- 100 - working on bottom floor, contract over July 6 - ready for occupancy by Fall 2015
- new footings and shear walling installed in lower floor of 100
- 1700 Landscape grass done, but plant signs are not up
- Signage person here to install PE signs
- Shop drawing text review needed by subcommittee(21 day turnaround)
- Per President Sperling, add "Chabot College" with logo

Bldg 2100
- Planning - identified pool of architects who have designed Biology Bldgs - have a list of 4 architects remaining - interviewing February for RFP - hope to go to Board - one architect firm for 2100, 1600 and 2900

Steinberg Construction Contract
- Seismic strengthening or solution of collonaid and elevator for Bldg 100 added to their contract

District Facility Meeting moved to last Friday of month

Fire Tech requested okay to work w/AJ to prepare rough plan for Trustee Dvorsky (per her request) regarding open land by Fire Tower as time is running out for a plan to acquire as Public Safety Training Center

If you have any agenda items to suggest, or issues to discuss, please email Mark Stephens (mstephens@chabotcollege.edu)

Plans, Projects, & Status

Status Log of Problems/Issues Reported (5/1/14)

Facilities Committee Update (9/20/13)

TV Studio (pdf)

Facilities Requests from Planning, Review and Budget Council (PRBC)

Building 100 Presentation and Handouts from 5/16/2013 President's Brown Bag Forum

Electric Vehicle Charging Proposal

Building 1600 FPP


Chabot College

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