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Thursday, 12 October 2017
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Chabot Library at Dusk   


Building 100 Renovation Plans, Presentations, And Documents


Title Date Author/Source File Type Description
Welcome & Building 100 Presentation to Facilities Committee 11/14/2013 Marci Corcoran Word Marcia Corcoran welcomed the Facilities Committee to the Library on 11/14/13, and shared some of the history behind our campus' efforts to renovate Building 100 in general and the Library in particular.
Chabot College Library Facility Improvements 11/14/2013 Pedro Reynoso PPT Presentation Visual summary of needs and of how the Chabot College library is currently used by our students.
Library Usage Statistics and Summary of Needs currently out of scope 11/14/2013 Norman Buchwald Word This handout was provided to the Facilities Committee at our 11/14 meeting; you'll find statistics on student usage of the Library, as well as a summary of what is currently in-scope and not in scope for consideration for additional funding.
Ranking of Requested items not in current scope (as of 10/13). 10/10/2013 Pedro Reynoso Word

Bldg 100 Notes from User Group on September 25, 2013

Building 100 User Group Report and "Wish List" 9/25.2013 Deonne Kunkel Word

Bldg 100 Notes from User Group on September 13, 2013

Building 100: Scaling Community 5/15/2013 Marcia Corcoran Word
Examples of Faculty/Student Academic Support needs to be met by Building 100; Data from PATH, Learning Assistants, and visits overall by students to facility.
Library Remodel Presentation 5/16/2013

Norman Buchwald, Pedro Reynoso, and Heather Hernandez

Presentation with images of Chabot's current library and examples of Hartnell College library as a comparison.
Building 100 Project: Draft First and Second Floor Plan and Project Schedule

Steinberg Architects

Current Draft of the plan for Building 100 lower and upper floor renovation.

"For Lack of Space"
Building 100 Video Presentation

5/16/2013 Sean McFarland,
Skye Ontiveros


President Sperling's Brown Bag Open Forum
5/16/2013 Sujoy Sarkar link http://youtu.be/7IeYvq1sIkg

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