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Thursday, 12 October 2017
Time: 12 - 1:00 PM
Board Room

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Campus Master Sign Program

Campus signage committee

The campus subcommittee is helping to review, edit, and enhance the text on the Phase 1 signs (in parking lots and waypoints on campus - not on the buildings nor within the buildings themselves).  Members and Areas represented in the Subcommittee include Bob Buell, Gordon Watt, Nate Moore, Janice Golojuch, Dale Wagoner, & Scott Hildreth.  If you are interested, please email Scott Hildreth to join! 

The sign proposal is available online at the District: http://www.clpccd.org/bond/documents/Chabot_MSPRevPROGRAM2_v111015.pdf

NOTE ==> Click here for enhanced views of each type of sign as well as their text (for review).

Initial Proof (click to link to zoomable PDF)


Original 2013 Committee:
JoAnn Galliano - Dental Hygiene
Kari McAllister - Performing Arts Center
Craig Shira - Print Shop
Cord Ozment - M&O
Charles Bender - M&O
Nate Moore - Campus Saftey
Monica Munger - Language Arts
Dillon Pieters - SSCC
Rebecca Otto - Science
Janice Golojuch- SOTA

Please suggest to your colleagues that their input will be important, and appreciated!

The comment log for the subcommittee, with received ideas and comments to date, is available online.  Send additional thoughts to us anytime!

New SIGN PROPOSAL for CAMPUS PAC  Facing Hesperian!

Here are the PDF presentations about the Project and the signs proposed:

Here is the tracking form for buildings and what is needed for each in terms of numbers/signs

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