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SH - 8/25/2013

PurposeRequests for attention to our facilities arrive continuously throughout the year outside of our Program Review process. Some are shared in meetings, some in email to Committee members.  The chart below is intended solely as a record of these requests, recorded in the order of receipt.  No guarantee of funding or priority is intended in the list below, and the Committee may not be able to hear details on any item at any specific meeting. If you have additional items to share and bring to the attention of the Committee, please email Scott Hildreth.  Thanks!

    Chabot College Facilities Construction/Maintenance/Enhancement Request/Information Tracking Last
Building Room(s) Description Date
Requested by Category Comments Possible
Measure B
Status Updates
1 400   Allocation of empty offices for California Mentor Teacher Program 29-Jun-13 email from SusanSperling to Scott Space
Needed to be done over summer while F&S Committee was not in session.      
2 3300   Convert Office in 3300 to Men's & Women's Locker Room & Move lockers from 2300 to 3300 22-Jul-13 email from Bobbie Koller to Doug/Scott Renovation Part of Campus Safety Office Relocation Projecft      
3 100 TV Studio Chabot TV wiring clean up project 1-Aug-13 email from Sujoy, Doug, Susan Renovation Questions about going out to bid for this work Yes    
4 700 Break Room Keypad Access 19-Aug-13 email from Gerald
Renovation Keypad  will allow total college access to the "break area" We have the keypad but the cost of installation is between $4,500 and $4,800  Yes   $4300 as of 8/29
5 2300 Bottom Floor SSCC's use of the former office of the Health and Safety 19-Aug-13 email from Gerald
Gain approval for the SSCC to use this vacated space for "in-reach" purposes. N/A    
6 700 Both Floors Bulletin Boards are needed for posting of announcements for and by students 19-Aug-13 email from Gerald
Renovation ~$6000 estimate from Gerald (less if we help them move!) Yes    
2300 Bottom Floor Feasibility of the Health Center moving into the former lounge space in 2300 that is currently being used as the Adaptive PE facility. 19-Aug-13 email from Gerald
8 700   Relocate Office of the President 21-Aug-13 email from Susan Sperling to
Renovation First shared informally in Spring 2013

Need to start Design Process upon consensus
9 1600 All Inadequacies of 1600 vs. what
program had last year noted.
21-Aug-13 email Jan Novak
Mary Dermody
Renovation Check that program review input
includes all these needs?
10 100 Library Carpeting and Furniture
Elevator Access
23-Aug-13 Bldg 100
Kickoff Mtg
Renovation Current Bldg 100 plans won't include carpeting or furniture for library area, nor renovation of the elevator access Yes    



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