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Facilities Use and Rental

Facilities Request Forms

*CLPCCD Board Policy 6700: Civic Center and Other Facilities Use

*ALL USERS: When signing the Request for Use of College Facilities Form it states that the applicant agrees that the use of college facilities shall be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees of the District as stipulated in governing Board Policy 6700. For convenience, here are the governing Board Policy documents.

Forms Submission

Submit completed forms to 4-6 weeks before event to the appropriate person listed on our Contact Us page.

External Users

If you are a new requester of Chabot facilities, please complete the External Request Form (link below), even if you're only checking availability. If you have rented from Chabot in the past, you can inquire availability by contacting the Administrative Services Office but you'll still need to submit a form to reserve the space while your request is being processed for review/approval.

External - Request Use of College Facilities Form (pdf)

Internal Users

Chabot College Employees:
  • For classroom requests, PLEASE CHECK AVAILABILITY in 25Live. You can do this by utilizing the Search Locations field and typing in a room number, building identification, or even a keyword. Examples: 804, C800, Large Lecture, Computer Lab.

  • To submit a request, please work with your division office and/or the appropriate administrator as some staff are able to enter requests online through 25Live.

  • Student clubs that wish to change room locations will need to work directly with the Office of Student Life to do so.

  • In the case of events sponsored by Chabot programs or staff in which elected officials and other dignitaries are expected to attend, please contact the Office of the President for coordination.

Internal - Request Use of College Facilities Form (pdf)

To request use of the Performing Arts Center, visit the PAC website.

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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 6/20/2017