Introduction to Marketing


Welcome to Introduction to Marketing (BUS-36-001) at Chabot College for Spring 2011!  We meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30-11:45 a.m. in Room 1608.  In this syllabus, you will find a course overview, your class calendar--including assignments and key dates, the course grading structure, and information about your textbook.

Course Overview

We live in a world of marketing.  We’ve all been exposed to marketing as consumers, and in this course you’ll learn  marketing from a business perspective. 

In this course, you’ll be introduced to the important concepts of marketing planning, the “4 P’s” of marketing—product, price, place, and promotion, global marketing, business-to-business marketing, consumer behavior, and market research and segmentation.  You’ll also learn about the increasingly important role of technology in marketing.

We’ll do all of this by studying real-world marketing examples, and through videos and case studies.  You’ll complete a personal consumption journal and analysis, and develop a marketing plan.  We’ll also discuss potential careers in marketing, and how marketing expertise can help you in almost any career path.

This is an interactive, interesting, and important class, as you’ll not only become better marketers, but smarter consumers.

Let’s get started, and have some fun as we learn this fascinating field of business!

Course Communications

You can reach me at:

I am always in my office during office hours, and you can call me there if stopping by is inconvenient.  I'm also there many other times, so just call.  I check my email often, and this is the best way to reach me.  Also, remember to check the course website often for course materials and news.

Course Calendar and Assignments



January 19

Course Overview


January 24

Introduction to Marketing

Read Chapter 1

January 26

Intro to Marketing (continued)
Personal Consumption Journal Project


January 31 Strategic Planning Read Chapter 2
February 2

Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility
The Marketing Plan

Read Chapter 3

February 7 The Marketing Environment Read Chapter 4
February 9

Global Marketing

Read Chapter 5

Consumption Journal Week 1 Due

February 14

Global Marketing (continued)

Exam Review


February 16 Exam #1:  Chapters 1-5  
February 21 HOLIDAY:  No class Have fun!
February 23 Consumer Behavior Read Chapter 6
February 28

Business-to-Business Marketing

Read Chapter 7
Consumption Journal Weeks 1- 3 Due

March 2

Market Segmentation

Read Chapter 8
March 7 Target Markets  
March 9

Marketing Research

Read Chapter 9
Personal Consumption Project Due

March 14

Marketing Research (continued)

Exam Review

Online Interim Course Evaluation Due (extra credit)
March 16 Exam #2:  Chapters 6-9


March 21

Product Concepts

Read Chapter 10

March 23

Developing New Products

Read Chapter 11

Marketing Plan Part 1 Due

March 28

Product Life Cycles


March 30

Services and Nonprofit Marketing

Read Chapter 12

April 4

Marketing Channels

Read Chapter 13

April 6


Read Chapter 15

Marketing Plan Part 2 Due

April 11

Retailing (continued)
Exam Review

April 13 Exam #3:  Chapters 10-13, 15  
April 18 & 20 SPRING BREAK Have fun!
April 25

Marketing Communications

Read Chapter 16

April 27 Advertising and Public Relations

Read Chapter 17

May 2 Advertising and P.R. (continued) Extra credit presentations
May 4 Sales Promotion and Personal Selling

Read Chapter 18

Extra credit presentations

May 9 Sales Promotion and Personal Selling (continued) Final Course Evaluation Due (extra credit)
May 11 Pricing Concepts

Read Chapter 19

May 16

Setting Prices

Read Chapter 20
May 18 Course Wrap-up
Exam Review
Marketing Plan Part 3 Due
May 23:  Final exam EXAM #4:  Chapters 16-20  

Other key dates include:

YOU are responsible for dropping the class, but I may drop you if you miss two consecutive weeks of class.

Grading Structure

Your grade will be determined as follows:

Chapter quizzes (19):  highest 17 scores will count.  7 points each.

119 points

Exams:   4 @ 125 points each. 

500 points

Personal consumption journal project

150 points

Marketing plan

200 points

Class participation

50 points




You may also earn up to 20 extra credit points.  You can earn 5 extra credit points each for completing the interim and final course evaluations.  You can also earn 10 extra credit points for making a short presentation on a marketing career.  Further details are available on a class handout, which is also available in Blackboard.


The grading scale is as follows:


A = 900 -1019 points

B = 800 - 899 points

C = 700 - 799 points

D = 600 - 699 points

F = less than 600 points


You will need to devote 6 hours outside of class each week to read the text and complete your quizzes and assignments.  Note that late work will NOT be accepted without prior approval.  You are responsible for submitting your assignments to the instructor by the end of the class session in which it is due--in person or by email.


Textbook/Required Resources


textbook cover photo

Required Course Text:  MKTG 4, by Lamb/Hair/McDaniel, South-Western/Cengage, 2010, ISBN 0-538-46824-6.  This can be purchased at the Chabot bookstore or online at for $53.49 with free shipping.  If ordered online, search for MKTG 4.  The website you can access with the code in your book includes podcasts, videos, quizzes, and many other helpful learning materials.  It's very important to get MKTG 4, not an earlier edition.

Strongly Recommended:  A college-level dictionary. 


Class Website

All assignments, exam reviews, and class presentations are available on our class Blackboard website.  You'll also find podcasts, interactive quizzes, and many more learning tools on that site.  Go to

Learner Accommodation Needs

If you are a disabled student and need special accommodations this semester, please let me know.  For more information, visit the Chabot Disabled Student Resource Center.

Academic Integrity

Teamwork is encouraged in this course, but cheating and plagiarism won't be tolerated.  Unless otherwise directed, your work should be original and the product of your OWN hard work and intellect.  Please refer to the handout on academic integrity distributed in class for more information.  If cheating or plagiarism is detected on any quiz, exam, or other assignment, you will, at minimum, receive a zero on that assignment.  Note that Blackboard has tools that make it fairly easy to detect cheating.


This syllabus is subject to change throughout the semester.  Any changes will be announced in class and on the course website, and the syllabus posted on the website will always be the most current version.

"Live as if you will die tomorrow.  Learn as if you will live forever."                                                Gandhi