Classes for Spring 2019
 CSCI-15/002 TR 3:00-4:15, Lab TR 4:20-5:35 in 1813
 CSCI-20/072 TR 6:30-7:45, Lab TR 7:50-9:05 in 1813
 CSCI-21/001 MW 6:30-7:45, Lab MW 7:50-9:05 in 1812

 Free IDE Download (Code::Blocks)  For Windows, get codeblocks-17.12mingw-setup.exe (THIS IS NOT THE TOP ONE ON THE PAGE!) or any newer version
   Make sure you get the version with 'mingw' in the name!
   We are using version 16.01 in the lab, which is fine for this course

 If you need to fix a possible dll problem in Code::Blocks, go here (MS Word .doc) or here for a PDF version

 Python download

 Chabot College policies on student conduct here

 Student scholarship/internship opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

 Internships with NASA Here
 Internships with The Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science Here
 Internships with UC Berkeley EECS Here
 Internships with Pathways To Science Here
 Information about several CS scholarships and grants
 East Bay Association of Realtors Scholarships
 CS programs/scholarships for women
 Engineering programs/scholarships
 Women in STEM programs/scholarships

 Information about Associate Degrees for Transfer for CSU
 How to pass a programming course (MS Word .doc) and PDF

 Places I find interesting... College articulation agreements
 O-net Online information and advice for career choices
 National Institute of Standards and Technology -- Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
 For better learning in college...

 Information about how to register to vote.
 CollegeBuys Discounted software for students through Foundation for California Community Colleges
 Looking for programming problems to practice on?
 Math World (Wolfram Research)
 The complete works of Charles Darwin
 U.S. Department of Labor -- Bureau of Labor Statistics
      What a degree gets you (a page in the BLS site)
 The National Science Foundation
 The American Civil Liberties Union
 Americans United For Separation of Church And State
 Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (Formerly The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal)
 The Union of Concerned Scientists
 Real Climate -- Climate science from climate scientists
 Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
 American Association for the Advancement of Science
 The Skeptics Society the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation
 What really happened on 12/21/2012? and why is this still linked from my page?

 Page updated January 17, 2019