Syllabus (MS Word .doc) and PDF

 Free IDE Download (Code::Blocks)
 For Windows, get codeblocks-16.01mingw-setup.exe (THIS IS NOT THE TOP ONE ON THE PAGE!) or any newer version
   Make sure you get the version with 'mingw' in the name!
 To fix a possible dll problem in Code::Blocks, go here (MS Word .doc) or here (PDF)

 Quincy 2005 (free IDE) (Note: not C++ 2011 compliant)

 Other References
 Some useful terms from CS 14 (MS Word .doc) and PDF
 Overview of the C-string library (MS Word .doc) and PDF
 Object-oriented terms/definitions and keywords (MS Word .doc) and PDF
 Overloadable operators notes (MS Word .doc) and PDF

 Lab 1 (MS Word .doc) and PDF due 8/30/18 -- handed out in lab, here for reference only
 Lab 2 (MS Word .doc) and PDF due 9/20/18
 Lab 3 (MS Word .doc) and PDF due 10/2/18
 Lab 4 (MS Word .doc) and PDF due 10/11/18 -- due date moved to 10/16/18
 Lab 5 (MS Word .doc) and PDF due 10/23/18
 Lab 6 (MS Word .doc) and PDF due 11/8/18
 Lab 7 (MS Word .doc) and PDF due 11/13/18

 Assignment 1 due 9/6/18 (MS Word .doc) and PDF
 Assignment 2 due 9/20/18 (MS Word .doc) and PDF -- Due date moved to 9/25/18
 Assignment 3 due 10/11/18 (MS Word .doc) and PDF and three test maps
 Assignment 4 due 10/23/18 (MS Word .doc) and PDF
 Assignment 5 due 11/6/18 (MS Word .doc) and PDF
 Assignment 6 due 11/15/18 (MS Word .doc) and PDF edited slightly 11/6
 Assignment 7 due 11/20/18 (MS Word .doc) and PDF

 Example Programs, Resources and Demos
   The next four files are a single multi-file project example
 class-ex.cpp not the same one as above...

   Midterm #1 solution
   The next five files are the aggregation example
 p_c_client.cpp Test client for Aggregation Point/Circle example
 circles.txt my simple data file for testing (client path/filename will probably need fixing!)

   The next five files are the inheritance example
 p_c_client.cpp Test client for inheritance Point/Circle example


   The next three files are the MyArray class and a sample driver client