Syllabus (MS Word .doc) and PDF

 Free IDE Download (Code::Blocks)
 For Windows, get codeblocks-16.01mingw-setup.exe (THIS IS NOT THE TOP ONE ON THE PAGE!) or any newer version
   Make sure you get the version with 'mingw' in the name!
 To fix a possible dll problem in Code::Blocks, go here (MS Word .doc) or here (PDF)

 Quincy 2005 (free IDE) (Note: not C++ 2011 compliant)

 Other References
 Some useful terms from CS 14 (MS Word .doc) and PDF
 Overview of the C-string library (MS Word .doc) and PDF

 Lab 1 (MS Word .doc) and PDF due 1/29/19 -- handed out in lab, here for reference only

 Assignment 1 due 9/6/18 (MS Word .doc) and PDF

 Example Programs, Resources and Demos
   Coming soon...