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CNT 82A - ESYS 72A

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CCNA Curriculum
CNT 82A - ESYS 72A
CNT 82B - ESYS 72B
CNT 82C - ESYS 82C
CNT 82D - ESYS 82D

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Chabot College , in partnership with industry leader, Cisco Systems, offers high-tech training in computer network design, implementation, and support. The Cisco Networking Academy Program prepares students to earn industry-recognized A+ and CCNA certifications and to enter the technology job market.

The Chabot program goes well beyond certification exam preparation; it provides the strong foundations of theory and hands-on experience necessary for career success. Additional course content in business skills and network technical documentation supplements the Cisco curriculum. Further, the program includes first-hand experience with the routers, switches, and software that form the foundation of the Internet.

If you have questions about enrollment or want to know more, explore the links below. To find other academies near you, use the Academy Locator shown at the Academy Connection.

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How does the "dot-com" business downturn affect networking jobs?
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