Solid State Drives

An SSD uses static RAM instead of magnetic platters to store data, as shown in Figure 1. SSDs are considered to be highly reliable because they have no moving parts.

Choose an SSD if your customer needs to do any of the following:

Media Readers

A media reader is a device that reads and writes to different types of media cards, for example, those found in a digital camera, smart phone, or MP3 player. When replacing a media reader, ensure that it supports the type of cards used and the storage capacity of the cards to be read. There are several factors to consider when purchasing a new media reader:

Choose the correct media reader based on your customer’s current and future needs. For example, if a customer needs to use multiple types of media cards, a multiple format media reader is needed. These are some common media cards, as shown in Figure 2:

Another type of media card is the Extreme Digital (xD or xD-Picture Card). xD cards were developed for use in many cameras and voice recorders, but have since become obsolete with the broad use of SD cards. xD cards have a maximum capacity of 2 GB.