When you are working with customers and their equipment, there are some general ethical customs and legal rules that you should observe. These customs and rules often overlap.

You should always have respect for your customers, as well as for their property. Computers and monitors are property, but property also includes any information or data that might be accessible, for example:

Before accessing computer accounts, including the administrator account, get the permission of the customer. From the troubleshooting process, you might have gathered some private information, such as usernames and passwords. If you document this type of private information, you must keep it confidential. Divulging customer information to anyone else is not only unethical, but might be illegal. Legal details of customer information are usually covered under the SLA.

Do not send unsolicited messages to a customer. Do not send unsolicited mass mailings or chain letters to customers. Never send forged or anonymous emails. All these activities are considered unethical and, in certain circumstances, might be considered illegal.