Call centers sometimes have different names for level one technicians. These technicians might be known as level one analysts, dispatchers, or incident screeners. Regardless of the title, the level one technician’s responsibilities are fairly similar from one call center to the next.

The primary responsibility of a level one technician is to gather pertinent information from the customer. The technician has to accurately enter all information into the ticket or work order. Examples of the type of information that the level one technician must obtain is shown in the figure.

Some problems are very simple to resolve, and a level one technician can usually take care of these without escalating the work order to a level two technician.

Often a problem requires the expertise of a level two technician. In these instances, the level one technician must be able to translate a customer’s problem description into a succinct sentence or two that is entered into the work order. This translation is important so that other technicians can quickly understand the situation without having to ask the customer the same questions again.