A technician must document all repairs and computer problems. The documentation can then be used as a reference for future problems or for other technicians who may not have encountered the problem before. The documents can be paper-based, but electronic forms are preferred because they can be easily searched for specific problems.

It is important that a technician document all services and repairs. These documents need to be stored centrally and made available to all other technicians. The documentation can then be used as reference material for similar problems that are encountered in the future. Good customer service includes providing the customer with a detailed description of the problem and the solution.

Personal Reference Tools

Personal reference tools include troubleshooting guides, manufacturer manuals, quick reference guides, and repair journals. In addition to an invoice, a technician keeps a journal of upgrades and repairs. The documentation in the journal includes descriptions of the problem, possible solutions that have been attempted, and the steps taken to repair the problem. Note any configuration changes made to the equipment and any replacement parts used in the repair. This documentation is valuable when you encounter similar situations in the future.

Internet Reference Tools

The Internet is an excellent source of information about specific hardware problems and possible solutions:

The figure shows an example of a technical website.