You may not always have the option to work on a computer in a properly equipped workspace. If you can control the environment, try to set up your workspace away from carpeted areas. Carpets can cause the buildup of electrostatic charges. If you cannot avoid the carpeting, ground yourself to the unpainted portion of the case of the computer on which you are working before touching any components.

An antistatic mat is slightly conductive. It works by drawing static electricity away from a component and transferring it safely from equipment to a grounding point, as shown in the figure:

Step 1. Lay the mat on the workspace next to or under the computer case.

Step 2. Clip the mat to the case to provide a grounded surface on which you can place parts as you remove them from the system.

When you are working at a workbench, ground the workbench and the antistatic floor mat. By standing on the mat and wearing the wrist strap, your body has the same charge as the equipment and reduces the probability of ESD.

Reducing the potential for ESD reduces the likelihood of damage to delicate circuits or components.

NOTE: Always handle components by the edges.