As a technician, you might have to perform a clean installation of an OS. Perform a clean install in the following situations:

The installation and initial booting of the OS is called the operating system setup. Although it is possible to install an OS over a network from a server or from a local hard drive, the most common installation method for a home or small business is with CDs or DVDs. To install an OS from a CD or DVD, first configure the BIOS setup to boot the system from the CD or DVD.

Important: If the hardware is not supported by the OS, you may need to install third party drivers when performing a clean installation.


A hard drive is divided into specific areas called partitions. Each partition is a logical storage unit that can be formatted to store information, such as data files and applications. During the installation process, most operating systems automatically partition and format available hard drive space.

A technician should understand the process and terms relating to hard drive setup.