As a technician, you will be responsible for adding and removing software from your customers’ computers. Most applications use an automatic installation process when the application disc is inserted in the optical drive. The installation process updates the Add or Remove Programs utility. The user is required to click through the installation wizard and provide information when requested.

Adding an Application

In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, insert the CD or DVD or open the downloaded program file. The program installer should start. If it does not start, run the setup or install file on the disc to begin installation or download the program again.

After the application is installed, you can start the application from the Start Menu or the shortcut icon that the application installs on the desktop. Check the application to ensure that it is functioning properly. If there are problems, repair or uninstall the application using the Uninstall or Change a Program utility. Some applications, such as Microsoft Office, provide a repair option in the install process. You can use this function to try to correct a program that is not working properly.

NOTE: In Windows XP, if a program or application is not automatically installed when the disc is inserted, you can use the Add or Remove Programs utility to install the application. Click the Add New Programs button and select the location where the application is located.

Uninstalling or Changing a Program

If an application is not uninstalled properly, you might be leaving files on the hard drive and unnecessary settings in the registry, which depletes the hard drive space and system resources. Unnecessary files might also reduce the speed at which the registry is read. Microsoft recommends that you always use the Programs and Features utility, as shown in the figure, when removing, changing, or repairing applications. The utility guides you through the software removal process and removes every file that was installed.

In some instances, you can install or uninstall optional features of an application using the Programs and Features utility. Not all programs offer this option.

To open the Programs and Features utility in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, use the following path:

Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features

In Windows XP, use the following path:

Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs