Computer and network problems can be related to counterfeit components. The cosmetic differences between an authentic product and a counterfeit one can be subtle. There are also performance differentiators between authentic products and counterfeits. Many manufacturers have teams that are staffed with engineers well-versed in these differentiators.

Counterfeit products pose network as well as personal health and safety risks. The trafficking of counterfeit computer and networking equipment is a crime that carries serious penalties. In 2008, a former owner of a computer company was sentenced to 30 months in prison and ordered to pay a large sum in restitution as a result of his conviction for trafficking in counterfeit computer components. This type of case serves as an important reminder to customers about the risk of purchasing outside the manufacturer’s authorized sales and distribution channels.

To help ensure that you are getting authentic products, consider these points when placing orders or requesting quotes:

Do not do business with any supplier who insists that you: