The purpose of the Function (Fn) key is to activate a second function on a dual-purpose key. The feature that is accessed by pressing the Fn key in combination with another key is printed on the key in a smaller font or different color. Several functions can be accessed:

NOTE: Some laptops may have dedicated function keys that perform functions without requiring users to press the Fn key.

A laptop monitor is a built-in LCD. It is similar to a desktop LCD monitor, except that you can adjust the resolution, brightness, and contrast settings using software or button controls. You cannot adjust the laptop monitor for height and distance because it is integrated into the lid of the case. You can connect a desktop monitor to a laptop. Pressing the Fn key with the appropriate Function key on the laptop keyboard toggles between the laptop display and the desktop monitor, as shown in the figure.

Do not confuse the Fn key with Function keys F1 through F12. These keys are typically located in a row across the top of the keyboard. Their function depends on the operating system (OS) and application that is running when they are pressed. Each key can perform up to seven different operations by pressing it with one or more combinations of the Shift, Control, and Alt keys.