Technicians frequently are required to configure power settings by changing the settings in the BIOS setup. The figure shows an example of power settings in the BIOS setup. Configuring the power settings in BIOS setup affects the following:

NOTE: WOL might require a cable connection inside the computer from the network adapter to the motherboard.

In Windows, the ACPI power management mode must be enabled in the BIOS setup to allow the OS to configure the power management states.

To enable ACPI mode in the BIOS setup, follow these steps:

Step 1. Enter BIOS setup.

Step 2. Locate and enter the Power Management settings menu item.

Step 3. Use the appropriate keys to enable ACPI mode.

Step 4. Save and exit BIOS setup.

NOTE: These steps are common to most laptops, but be sure to check the laptop documentation for specific configuration settings. There is no standard name for each power management state. Manufacturers might use different names for the same state.