Proper routine cleaning is the easiest, least expensive way to protect and to extend the life of a laptop. It is important to use the right products and procedures when cleaning a laptop. Always read the warning labels on the cleaning products. The components are sensitive and should be handled with care. Consult the laptop manual for additional information and cleaning suggestions.

The following common cleaning procedures help maintain and extend the life of a laptop.

CAUTION: Use a soft, lint-free cloth with an approved cleaning solution to avoid damaging laptop surfaces. Apply the cleaning solution to the lint-free cloth, not directly to the laptop.

Before cleaning laptop components, follow these steps:

Step 1. Turn off the laptop.

Step 2. Disconnect all attached devices.

Step 3. Disconnect the laptop from the electrical outlet.

Step 4. Remove the batteries.


Wipe the laptop and the keyboard with a soft, lint-free cloth that is lightly moistened with water or mild cleaning solution.


Use compressed air or a non-electrostatic vacuum to clean out the dust from the vents and from the fan behind the vent. Use tweezers to remove any debris.

LCD Display

Wipe the display with a soft, lint-free cloth that is lightly moistened with a computer-screen cleaner.

CAUTION: Do not spray cleaning solution directly onto the LCD display. Use products specifically designed for cleaning LCD displays.


Wipe the surface of the touchpad gently with a soft, lint-free cloth that is moistened with an approved cleaner. Never use a wet cloth.

Optical Drive

Dirt, dust, and other contaminants can collect in the optical drives. Contaminated drives can cause malfunctions, missing data, error messages, and lost productivity.

To clean an optical drive, follow these steps:

Step 1. Use a commercially available CD or DVD drive cleaning disc.

Step 2. Remove all media from the optical drive.

Step 3. Insert the cleaning disc and let it spin for the suggested amount of time to clean all contact areas.

CD and DVD Discs

Inspect the disc for scratches on both sides. Replace discs that contain deep scratches because they can create data errors. If you notice problems, such as skipping or degraded playback quality, clean the discs. Commercial products that clean discs and provide protection from dust, fingerprints, and scratches are available. Cleaning products for CDs are safe to use on DVDs.

To clean CDs or DVDs, follow these steps:

Step 1. Hold the disc by the outer edge or by the inside edge.

Step 2. Gently wipe the disc with a lint-free cotton cloth. Never use paper or any material that can scratch the disc or leave streaks.

Step 3. Wipe from the center of the disc outward. Never use a circular motion.

Step 4. Apply a CD or DVD cleaning solution to the lint-free cotton cloth, and wipe again if any contaminates remain on the disc.

Step 5. Allow the disc to dry before inserting it into the drive.