The iOS interface works in much the same way as the Android interface. Home screens are used to organize apps, and apps are launched with a touch. There are some very important differences:

Home Button

Unlike Android, iOS devices do not use navigation icons to perform functions. A single button called the Home button performs many of the same functions as the Android navigation buttons. The Home button is at the bottom of the device, with the image of a square on it, as shown in Figure 1. The Home button performs the following functions:

Notification Center

iOS devices have a notification center that displays all of the alerts from apps in one location, as shown in Figure 2. To open the notification area on iOS devices, touch and hold the top of the screen and swipe a finger down the screen. The following actions can be taken when notifications are open:

To change the options for notifications, use the following path:

Settings > Notifications


Swipe the main home screen from left to right or double-click the Home button to open the search feature called Spotlight, shown in Figure 3. Enter the search item. All results are listed in accordance with the app that contains the results. To search the Internet instead, touch Search web at the bottom of the list after the search results appear.