Like desktops and laptops, mobile device data can be lost due to device failures or loss of a device. It is necessary to back up data periodically to ensure that lost data can be recovered. With mobile devices, storage is often limited, and often it is not removable. To overcome these limitations, remote backups can be performed. A remote backup is when a device copies its data to a website using a backup app. If data needs to be restored to a device, run the backup app, connect with the website where the data is stored, and retrieve it.

iOS users are given 5 GB of storage for free. Additional storage can be purchased for a yearly fee. These are the items that iCloud can back up:

The following items are automatically remotely backed up for Android device users:

Google also keeps track of all apps and content that you have purchased, so they can be downloaded again. Many apps are also available to remotely back up other items. Research the apps in the Google Play Store to find backup apps that meet your needs.