Preventive maintenance decreases downtime and increases the service life of the components. It is important to maintain printers to keep them working properly. A good maintenance program guarantees good quality prints and uninterrupted operation. The printer documentation contains information on how to maintain and clean the equipment.

Read the information manuals that come with every new piece of equipment. Follow the recommended maintenance instructions. Use the supplies listed by the manufacturer. Less expensive supplies can save money, but may produce poor results, damage the equipment, or void the warranty.

CAUTION: Be sure to unplug the printer from the electrical source before beginning any type of maintenance.

When maintenance is completed, reset the counters to allow the next maintenance to be completed at the correct time. On many types of printers, the page count is viewed through the LCD display or a counter located inside the main cover.

Most manufacturers sell maintenance kits for their printers. For laser printers, the kit might contain replacement parts that often break or wear out:

When you install new parts or replace toners and cartridges, visually inspect all internal components and perform the following tasks:

If you do not know how to maintain printing equipment, call a manufacturer-certified technician.