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2008 Chabot College

Cisco Networking Academy CCNA Discovery 1
Networking for Home and Small Businesses

CAS 92A is the first of four courses designed to prepare students to students to design, build, and maintain computer networks and to enter careers in computer networking technology. At Chabot College, the course goes well beyond exam preparation; it supplements the Cisco curriculum with additional content in business skills and network technical documentation.

This page is home base for Semester 1 students. It includes links to a wide range of local and internet-accessible documents to supplement the Cisco curriculum.

Course materials, including lab worksheets, are included in the Cisco online curriculum.


For your reference, course materials, labs and worksheets from older versions of the CCNA curriculum are available here for download. Most documents are in MSWord 97 format; lectures are in Powerpoint 97. To save one on your home computer, just right-click and select "Save As," or "Save Target As." If you don't have Microsoft Office, you can download a free viewer program for Word here and for Powerpoint here.

Chabot College Labs & Worksheets
1A Binary Number Introduction
1B Binary <> Decimal Conversion
1C Hexidecimal Lab
1D Computer Treasure Hunt
2A Network Introduction Lab
3A Lab Inventory/Scavenger Hunt
3B Multimeter Lab
3C Patch Cable Construction Lab
4A Cable Testing Lab
5A LAN Connections
5B Switched LAN Challenge Lab
5C Structured Cable Project
5D Structured Cable Supports
7A Protocol Analyzer Introduction
8A Collision & Broadcast Domains
8B Network Diagrams

9A IP Address Fundamentals
9B IP Address Worksheet #1
9C ARP Lab
9D ARP Monitoring
10A Subnet Concepts
10B Subnet Definition

10C Subnet Planning

11A IP Configuration Troubleshooting

Chabot College Study Sheets
OSI Model
Network General Protocol Chart
Ethernet 5-4-3 Rule
Determining Subnet & Host Counts
IP Subnetting Reference
Self-Study Quizzes

Chabot College Power Point Lectures
Ch 1 Binary Number Introduction
Ch 1 Hexidecimal Number Intro
V3 Ch 2 Review
Ch 2 OSI Model
Ch 2 Windows IP Info Utilities
Ch 2 Network Devices
Ch 2 Network Topologies & Connections
V3 Ch 3 Review
V3 Ch 4 Review
V3 Ch 5 Review
Business Memos
Ch 6 Layer 2 Highlights
Ch 6 Ethernet & 802.3

Ch 8 Collision & Broadcast Domain
Ch 8 Ethernet Switches

Ch 8 Traffic Management by Design

Ch 9 Fundamental Concepts
Ch 9 IP Addressing
Ch 9 ARP

Ch 9 IP Address Distribution
Ch 10 Subnetting

Ch 10 Why Subnet?
Business Purchasing

Ch 10 Routed & Routing Protocols

Ch 11 Transport Layer
Windows Internet Security
Ch 11 Application Layer Puzzles

Bonus Assignments
Visio Rack Diagram
Cable vs. DSL

Business Requisition Development
Wireless LAN Technology