The Job Market Outlook
for Computer Network Specialists

The recent downturns in the "" and technology sectors have raised student concerns about job opportunities. However, these events have little impact on the job prospects for Chabot College Cisco Networking Academy graduates because most networking jobs are at traditional companies, not technology companies.

Rather than technology firms, our graduates will work for school districts, wholesale or retail firms, county governments, banks or insurance agencies. Nearly every business and organization in the country relies on a computer network, and every one requires technical planning, support, and operational management. Most of these business rely on Cisco equipment, which has a huge nationwide "installed base".

Consider what would happen if we unplugged all the Cisco networking equipment installed in businesses throughout the country: Quite literally, the lights would go out. All commerce and government would stop.

The get-rich-quick dot-com hyperbole is behind us; in its place are solid career opportunities for serious students.

Despite job declines in Silicon Valley, technology jobs have continued to grow statewide, according to a recent report from the America Electronics Association. Notably, the growth was particularly strong in the Oakland area.

Further, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics has listed Network systems and data communications analysts and Network and computer systems administrators among the top ten fastest growing occupations during the coming decade, according to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.




September 2002