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Getting Started Homework - Canvas & McGraw-Hill Connect

Please start this as soon as you are registered!

You do not need the textbook to do this assignment

If you are trying to add, you can still do MOST of these tasks.  You can make a post to the discussion board using the default userID noted below!

  1. Most important!  Login to Canvas at

    If you are officially enrolled in the class, you are ready to go.  Check out the instructions for accessing Canvas if you are new to the system at .

    If you new to Canvas, and have not set your email address to something convenient that you check often, please take a moment now to update your  default email ID.  You do this actually by logging into the "ZONE".  The instructions are online.  When I send out announcements to the class from Canvas, they will go to this email.  (If you don't change it, the default will be your campus "ZONE" email ID.)

    Explore the features of Canvas as a communication tool - practice with the discussion board and the other tools. I guarantee these resources will help!

    If you are still waiting to add,  you can temporarily login to Canvas with a username of "onlineastro" and a password of "astrostudent".
    Be sure to identify yourself when you post in the discussion area using this Username, as others might be using it as well.

  2. Click on the START HERE! link you'll see in the Canvas MODULES.

    Read the syllabus, check out the exam questions, and review my expectations for you as a student in our online class.  Note that there will actually be a short quiz on the syllabus in the second week of class! Understanding what is required and how you will be assessed in a class is probably the MOST important thing you should do at the start of every course you take.

  3. Click on the ==> Week 1: 1/14 - 1/20 Module to see what is expected this first week, including:

    - POST to the Biography Discussion Forum
    (10 points towards Discussion HW grade)

    In the Discussion Board, look for the  "BIOGRAPHIES" Discussion #1, and please post a brief biography about yourself. What is your major?  Where and when do you want to transfer, if that is your goal?  What is your favorite local restaurant?  What kind of food do they offer, where are they located, and why do you like it?   Try to read and respond to the post of at least one other student in the class!  

    If you are waiting to ADD, you can still make a post, using the temporary shared login above - but you'll need to identify yourself by name (since many people might be using that same ID!) so that I can later give you credit for your posts!

  4. Please plan your purchase of the textbook

    You'll see in our syllabus the ISBN's and costs for our textbook Explorations: An Introduction to Astronomy by Arny & Schneider
    .,  and the  required McGraw-Hill CONNECT Astronomy Access code.  If you purchase or borrow a different book (perhaps an earlier edition by the same authors) and it does not come with the Connect access pin for our edition of the textbook, you'll need to purchase access online, which you can do from Canvas the first time you click on an assignment link to Connect.

    Note that for the first 2+ weeks of the course, you can register for and access the e-text version of our textbook online using Connect without cost.  After two weeks, the system will expect you to purchase access for the rest of the semester.   There are copies of similar books available on reserve in the library for you to read if you prefer a hard-bound text, but EVERYONE will need the online Connect access.

    If you have limited funds, you should get the online Connect access code for $87.50, and look to use the library copies or search for a older used book.  This is the least expensive version of required resources for our class.  Again, you can wait up to two weeks after the class starts to finalize your purchase of the online access to Connect.  You can do this within Canvas by clicking on the link you'll see in the assignments tab.

    If you are waiting to add, I would suggest using the free 14-day trial offer to access the online Connect Astronomy system (with e-text), so that you don't fall behind.  I'll do my best to let you know your status in the class ASAP.  The first online HW isn't due until Sunday 8/27 with a very gentle late penalty, and the first online chapter reading quiz 9/3, so you'll know by then whether you are in the class !

  5. Check out Connect by connecting through Canvas.  A quick PowerPoint of the process is available online, or you can go to the CONNECT class directly at 

    Once you have your own access code,
    try the first reading assignment in Connect of a LearnSmart-enhanced reading/assessment unit.  It shouldn't take too long - remember the entire textbook is already online, so you don't need a physical book to do this, and you can access it through Canvas.

    If you have technical problems purchasing the Connect code for our book, you can contact the publisher's help system online at or via their toll-free technical support number:

    USA and Canada 
    800-331-5094 (toll-free)



and finally....

 PLEASE email me anytime if you have any special needs or concerns about the class NOW

Send me a brief message, at, especially if you expect to need specific accommodations for homework or exams.  If you will have difficulty obtaining the textbook, and cannot come to the library to use those on reserve, let me know.  If you need any assistance with your use of the computer or web sites for our class, I will be happy to help -- using email and the web will be a useful skill in addition to helping you learn astronomy.  

SH -  1/19

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