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Astronomy 10: The Solar System!

Scott Hildreth

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Astronomy 10 Course Learning Outcomes

My expectations for you!


Astronomy 10 Discussion Assignment Lists (Bring your typed, spell-checked work to campus on the dates shown in the calendar above!)

  ==> My suggestions for how to demonstrate good scholarship in the Astronomy Discussion Homework Assignments

  Initial Assignment:  Login to Canvas, Post a Short Bio, and Set Up Connect Access

  1. The Full Moon & Lunar Effects

  2. Sunsigns and Astrology: Where was the Sun when you were born?
  3. The Reasons for Seasons
        (extra credit: Moon Phases around the world?)
  4. Magnetism vs. Gravity
        (extra credit: The Nature of Science)
  5. Women Hold Up Half the Sky
        (extra credit: Astronomical Poetry)
  6. Good Science vs. Bad Science: Asteroid XF11
        (extra credit: Ethics in Science)
  7. NASA's Budget - Is it worth the money?
        (extra credit: Astronomy in the News)
  8. The Evolution of Humanity & Detecting Life in Space





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