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Astronomy 20: Stars & the Universe

Scott Hildreth

Spring 2017 Astro 20 On-Campus Class Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 - 2:45 PM

FIRST CLASS HANDOUTS: One-page course introduction  and getting started with Mastering Astronomy

Astro 20 Course Syllabus 

Tuesday/Thursday Quiz & HW calendar  <== Use this to keep track of everything that is due!

Astro 20 Short-Answer essay questions for the exams

Astro 20 Class Resources:

Links to Powerpoint Lectures

A Quick Guide to Using Mastering Astronomy & Getting Credit for Online Tutorials

Constellations and Stars - helpful lists and pictures for the (on-campus) constellation quiz!

Course Learning Outcomes

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Citation Guide for Astronomy


On-Campus Class Discussion Assignment Lists

Please note that you can do the alternative assignments for extra credit (and submitted anytime up to the last day of class), or instead of the primary assignment.  You will still be expected to understand the ideas and results of the primary discussion assignments, as many directly relate to our exam questions and essays.

  ==> My suggestions for how to demonstrate good scholarship in the Astronomy Discussion Homework Assignments.

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  1. Sunsigns and Astrology: Where was the Sun when you were born?
          (extra credit: The Full Moon & Lunar Effects)
  2. The Reasons for Seasons
        (extra credit: Moon Phases around the world?)
  3. Magnetism vs. Gravity
        (extra credit: The Nature of Science)
  4. Women Hold Up Half the Sky
        (extra credit: Astronomical Poetry)
  5. Good Science vs. Bad Science: Asteroid XF11
        (extra credit: Ethics in Science)
  6. NASA's Budget - Is it worth the money?
        (extra credit: Astronomy in the News)
       (extra credit: Myth and History of the Milky Way)
  7. The Big Bang Survey - and the value of scientific research?
        (extra credit: The Evolution of Humanity?)


Additional Class Handouts

  • Geocentric vs. Heliocentric Theories
  • Winter Stars & The Star & Planet Locator
  • Locating the Planets on the Star Wheel
  • Stellar Evolution Worksheet
  • Picture an Astronomer!

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