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Scott Hildreth

My Expectations for You!


Whenever you have a new class, one of the most important things to learn quickly is what the teacher looks for from you. What are the things that you I expect from you? How will I grade? How firm am I on late homework, or missing an exam? What flexibility will I allow in your postings? Usually, in an on-campus class, you can get a "sense" of your teacher from how they talk, smile, joke, answer questions from other students, their tone of voice, how sternly they read the syllabus, etc. But in an *online* class, it can be MUCH harder to gauge your teacher. And having been an online student for many, many years, I really do understand that feeling of "not knowing your teacher" as well as with on-campus classes.

So to help you a bit, here are my expectations from you, as simply as possible:

1. I expect you to participate actively in our online class, logging in and posting something significant to the discussion board at least once a week. Make your voice heard!

 Each week,  instead of attending a lecture on campus, you'll participate in our class through Blackboard, making posts with your homework assignments, asking questions, and reading and responding substantially to the posts of your classmates - just as if you were in class, listening and responding to others when they share ideas.  But just as you are expected to *attend* an on-campus class, I expect you to *make your presence known* in our online class - and you'll do that with the discussion board.

And when you post, please remember that a 'significant response' is more than, "I agree" or "Good point." A significant posting should be something original you add to the discussion, a question you want to explore about the reading or homework, or perhaps a question about something you read in a magazine or newspaper, or heard about on TV or in the radio or movie, etc. You certainly can, and should, support your classmates when they say something you agree with, or when they ask a question you share as well. Don't expect that short replies to their notes constitute significant additions to the discussion.  Aim for 50 words or so as a minimum target.  If you write a great 40-word reply, don't worry - I'm not counting words that closely to establish grades.  But if are writing 10-30 word responses, it will be clear, and your response credit will be reduced.

2. I expect your postings and communications to be professional at all times, neither hostile nor disrespectful to anyone in the class.

Professional Communications is expectedOne of the hugely difficult things about online discussions is sometimes gauging whether the author is trying to be humorous or serious, whether they are angry or joking, whether they are emotional or just using words in a fashion different than you yourself might. Consider using "emoticons" to help you express just what you mean when you write! They will help your reader understand you meant a remark casually, or humorously :)

I will encourage you to participate in debates about controversial issues in our class, and don't want you to hold back on your emotions, nor avoid taking on someone with a different point of view. But you can do that effectively, and without hostility. If I see postings that are in some way inappropriate - too hostile, too personal, offensive, etc. I will immediately remove them, and notify the author privately about the problem. I'll expect that if this happens once, it is accidental. If it happens more than once, you may be locked out of the discussion, or in more serious cases, removed from the class. In other words, all of the normal codes for student conduct documented in Chabot's Handbook for students in on-campus classes also apply here.

3. I expect you to turn in homework on-time and according to the directions posted.

Keep calm and turn in your homework on time!
Our homework/quiz calendar is clearly posted, and assignments are available 24/7 via websites inside and outside of our online course system. For our online class, you'll need to do work at McGraw-Hill's CONNECT online site which requires your own userid and password.  (See the syllabus for more information). And I'll also ask you to post some things to the discussion area, and to reply to the posts of other students.

Late discussion posts - even if perfect - will not be accepted without some advance discussion with me that you will be late.  Folks don't read late posts to a discussion forum, that occur long after others have posted, read, and moved on.  It will be OK if homework is submitted within an hour or so of the online deadline dates, so please do not worry if you have to make a post a few minutes late.  However, I understand that things happen, and you might have intended to make a post, but found something came up.  You will have *one* opportunity to turn in an alternate assignment in place of one you miss up to one week late.   So one week where you cannot get the work done on time will *not* hurt your overall grade at all.  But multiple late posts absolutely will affect your grade.

Late online homework and quizzes at Connect automatically receive reduced credit each per day, so a few hours late won't mean too much.  I have the system set to give you at most ~50% credit for work submitted more than 3 days late.   Note that if you have let me know *well before* the deadline that you have a problem at work or at home that might delay your assignment a bit, proactively, we might be able to set up some alternate delivery dates.


4. I expect you to finish our exams on-time, during the week-long exam window I'll offer.Its exam time - so I can't keep calm!

In our class, we have one quick syllabus quiz, and two exams, and for these exams you'll be able to submit your answers to the multiple choice questions and essays during a week-long "window". If for some reason work or home requirements means that you will not be able to finish the exam during the window, I expect you to notify me ASAP before the exam window opens. Telling me on the next to last day of the exam week that you cannot take the exam the next day is not sufficient.

If you do not notify me that you will miss an exam, you will receive zero points, without exception. Treat it like a job interview.

If you leave the exam to the last minute of the last day, and a problem arises with your computer or internet provider, do not expect to re-take or re-submit the exam late. If you will delay, and aim for the last day, you should be *very* sure of your internet and computer.



5. I expect that all research you do on your homework and exams will include a bibliographic citation, and that you will not pass off work copied from other sources as your own.Bibliography

One of the largest issues in online learning, and in online business today, is copyright. If you use material from another online source (or even from a different textbook), I expect that you will include at the end of your homework a "works cited" bibliographic list, with full information.

This applies to ALL resources you use outside of our textbook, including those I provide.


This means that just providing a URL (i.e., "") that you visited is not sufficient - I want you to find out the author, the title, the institution that published the work, the date of creation or last update, etc. If you can't find this information, don't use the site as your only reference. Find another site, one you can reference completely, and use that information. You can always include the partial citations from other sites you visit, but you cannot get credit for any research you do without documenting your sources.


This is a "hot button" for me. I'll give you a few chances if you get this wrong, asking you to resubmit your work correctly.  After the midterm, if you still neglect to include or correctly format your citations, you will not receive credit for that portion of the homework. Look in the START HERE area of our class for more information about citation expectations and assistance on how to format your work.

Please see the syllabus for specific information and grading policies in the case of plagiarism, which will not be acceptable.



6. I expect you to ask questions, and let me know if you are lost or confused!Dazed and Confused!

I'll do my best to proactively check on your progress in our course, and to email you if I see that you are missing concepts or making some errors. But in a large class, especially an online class where some folks will be logging in at totally different days and times from others, it is very difficult to keep track of everyone.

Help me by asking questions!

You can always "raise your hand" in class by posting something to the discussion board, which will be visible to the entire class. And, you can also always email me within our online course privately, which means no one else will see your question but me. And please don't think that I will not want to see your questions! :)



If you do find that the on-line course is not to your liking, and is not working for you, please do let me know by phone or email, or just a note under my door. It is important to me to know why our class did not work, and you can help me improve it significantly for future students by explaining what didn't work for you.

Please let me know if you have *any* questions about anything mentioned above. I'll do whatever I can to help you succeed in our class; give me a chance to help you!

SH - 8/17