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The Full Moon & Lunar Effects?

Science is what we have learned about how not to fool ourselves about the way the world is.
- Richard Feynman

 For your first required discussion assignment, you need to do three short tasks.  You do NOT need the textbook to complete this assignment!   Please post your response in Canvas (for the online class) or type and spellcheck your work and bring it to class (for on-campus classes) by the due date shown in our class calendar.

Part 1: (Your Opinion): Do Full Moons really affect people on Earth?

 Do you think that when the moon is full, people act differently?  Why?  What evidence to you draw upon for this opinion?  Have you personally seen or experienced strange behavior that occurs each full moon?  Have you heard others talk about it?  Please share your opinion on the question about whether full moons affect people on Earth in a short pargraph.  There are no wrong or right answers here. 

Part 2: (Research) Please read both short articles linked below:

a) Townley, J. (1997) Can the Full Moon Affect Human Behavior? Innerself Publications. Retrieved 8/1/18 from

b) Carroll, R. (2006) Full Moon & Lunar Effects. The Skeptic's Dictionary. Retrieved 8/1/18 from

What do you think after reading both sources?  Which author do you think is being "scientific", and why?  How can you evaluate whether that article is indeed "scientific"?  What qualities do you think make an article scientific?  Aim for another 1-2 paragraphs here (about 250 words).  


Along with your response paragraphs, please include a "Work Cited" list that includes both of the above articles, as well as any others you might use. 
Help witth citation styles and formating for our class is available online , and from our college Library website:

==> Remember that including citations is a key element of good scholarship, and good science, expected in every discussion assignment for our class!  <==

Extra Credit

For extra credit, please locate another article on the subject, and evaluate it as to its scientific credibility as best you can.  Some suggestions are below, but you are encouraged to find even more effective, recent articles on your own.

Be sure to include all proper citation information, including author, date, title, publishing institution, and URL if found online.

If you do this later in the term, post your work within the Canvas "Extra Credit" Discussion folder, with a subject line of Lunar Effects Homework Extra Credit.  Remember extra credit can be turned in anytime up to the end of the term.  Check the online course calendar for the final date to submit your work for credit.


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