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Spring 2006 Course Pages & Notes:

Poetry Sharing: Haiku & Other poems (Scott Hildreth & Team)

Basho: The Narrow Road to the Deep North (Don Skiles)

Douglass: Narratives of a Slave and W.E.B. DuBois Portraits of Black Folk (Susan Sperling)

Thoreau: Walden (Don Skiles)

Freud: Civilization & Its Discontents (Julie Segedy)

Feynman: Six Easy Pieces (Scott Hildreth) Essay Topic handout

Camus: The Plague (Julie Segedy)

Patricia Shannon's Powerpoint Presentation on Existentialism, Sartre, and Camus

Kurasawa: Rashomon (Don Skiles)

Gould: The Mismeasure of Man (Susan Sperling)

Wright: In the Cause of Architecture (Scott Hildreth)


Small Group Tutor assignments

Spring 2006 Reading List

Expectations & Paper Due Dates

Spring 2006 Schedule

Summary of the ISLS Program

Using Blackboard for Continuing Discussions Online

ISLS Astro 30 Lab Class (Thursday nights, 6:30- 9:20 PM)

Autumn 2005 Course Information!

Autumn 2005 Reading List

Autumn 2005 Course Calendar Overview

Expectations & Class Policies

Participating Faculty for Spring 2005-Spring 2006

Poetry, Essay, and More - The Start of ISLS 1B - Autumn 2005

Islamic Art, Literature, & Architecture (Dr. Susan Sperling)

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (Julie Segedy) & Chaucer Paper Assignment

Macchiavelli's The Prince (Scott Hildreth)

The Constitution (Julie Segedy, Scott Hildreth)

J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur's Letters From An American Farmer (Team)

Marx' Communist Manifesto (Don Skiles)

Darwin's On the Origin of Species (Susan Sperling)

Galileo's Starry Messenger & Other Writings (Scott Hildreth)

Marlowe's The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus (Don Skiles)



Spring 2005 Reading List & Spring 2005 Course Calendar

What is ISLS?

Check out our Brochure and FAQ. A summary review is also available.  And look at the assignments from our recent 2003-2004 and 2001-2002 Programs to give you an idea of the breadth and scope of ISLS.

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Enrollment Interest/Application Form for the continuing 2005-2006 Program

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The Instructor Team for 2005-2006



Office, Email & Phone



Don Skiles

Don is the Coordinator for our upcoming 2005-2006 Program! Please contact him for any information about ISLS that you don't see here.

Room 734




(510) 723-6811


 Susan Sperling

Susan will be continuing in Spring for us in this, her second ISLS cycle.. She also will offer Anthropology Labs in Spring 2006


Room 765




(510) 723- 7063

Julie Segedy

Julie is continuing with the ISLS team for her second cycle.

Room 718





(510) 723-6807


Joe Berland

Joe will rejoin ISLS as a tutor for the Spring 2005 semester (ISLS 1A), leading discussion on Mathematics. He'll resume his other teaching assignments in the Mathematics Departement for Autumn 2005-Spring 2006.

Room 2022





(510) 723-7452



Scott Hildreth

Scott will continue in Autumn 2005-Spring 2006 with the Science topics in ISLS, including Astronomy Labs. He also creates and maintains the ISLS website and online discussion board.

 Room 2013




(510) 723- 7468


ISLS Webpage for Scott's Small Group

 Naoma Mize

Naoma is our key Counseling Faculty liason. See her if you have ANY questions about completing a degree at Chabot while participating in ISLS, or transferring your ISLS units to a 4-year school.

Room 154





(510) 723-6726


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