Student Access, Success and Equity Committee

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Develops, leads, and supports campus initiatives that strengthen student access, success, and equity. Provides a platform for collaboration and communication across the college that will result in the coordination of basic skills, student access, success, and equity efforts campus-wide. 


  • Develop a shared vision for Chabot College’s student success and equity efforts.
  • Identify needs and gaps in student access, success, and equity for basic skills and other students.
  • Lead the development and implementation of the joint Basic Skills, SSSP, and Equity Plan and Budget.
  • Use student success and equity data and research to inform college priorities and practices.
  • Assist in the development of practices, programs, policies, and procedures that facilitate access, success, and completion for all students.
  • Receive input from workgroups and advisory committees such as Basic Skills, SSSP, Equity, and other workgroups established as needed.
  • Recommend demonstrated effective practices or policies for institutionalization.
  • Provide a venue for dialogue so as to fully inform and integrate student success and equity efforts across the campus, and disseminate information among participants and constituencies regarding student success and equity.
  • Support professional development efforts related to student access, success, and equity.

Core Representatives

Faculty, Classified, & College Administrator appointed by respective Senate/Administration

  • Char Perlas
  • Carolyn Arnold 
  • Katrin Field

VP of Student Services, VP of Academic Services (or designee); All Deans; Directors of Student Success, Equity, A&R, Fin. Aid

One representative from each Academic Division and Counseling (selected by the division and confirmed by Academic Senate)

6 appointed by Classified Senate

1-5 appointed by Student Senate

1 appointed by CLPFA

1 appointed by SEIU


  • SSSP Counselors
  • SSSP Classified Professionals
  • Basic Skills Coordinator(s)
  • Institutional Research Coordinator

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Planning & Resource Allocation Committee  

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