Student Access, Success and Equity Committee


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Develops, leads, and supports campus initiatives that strengthen student access, success, and equity. Provides a platform for collaboration and communication across the college that will result in the coordination of basic skills, student access, success, and equity efforts campus-wide.


  • Develop a shared vision for Chabot College’s student success and equity efforts.
  • Identify needs and gaps in student access, success, and equity for basic skills and other students.
  • Lead the development and implementation of the joint Basic Skills, SSSP, and Equity Plan and Budget.
  • Use student success and equity data and research to inform college priorities and practices.
  • Assist in the development of practices, programs, policies, and procedures that facilitate access, success, and completion for all students.
  • Receive input from workgroups and advisory committees such as Basic Skills, SSSP, Equity, and other workgroups established as needed.
  • Recommend demonstrated effective practices or policies for institutionalization.
  • Provide a venue for dialogue so as to fully inform and integrate student success and equity efforts across the campus, and disseminate information among participants and constituencies regarding student success and equity.
  • Support professional development efforts related to student access, success, and equity.

Core Representatives

Faculty, Classified, & College Administrator appointed by respective Senate/Administration

  • Dr. Bobby Nakamoto, Director of Equity & Students Success (Equity)
  • Stephanie Zappa, Language Arts, English faculty
  • Katrin Field, Classified Senate

VP of Student Services, VP of Academic Services (or designee); All Deans; Directors of Student Success, Equity, A&R, Fin. Aid

  • Dr. Matthew Kritscher, VP of Student Services
  • Dr. Stacey Thompson, VP of Academic Services
  • Debbie Trigg, Dean of Counseling
  • Dr. Jeannie Wilson, Dean of Special Programs
  • Amy Mattern, Dean of Academic Pathways & Student Success
  • Dr. Sara Parker, Dean of Social Sciences
  • Deonne Kunkel Wu, Dean of Arts, Humanities & Social Science
  • Kristin Lima, Dean of Applied Technology & Business
  • Dr. Jamal Cooks, Dean of Language Arts
  • Dale Wagoner, Dean of Health, Kinesiology & Athletics
  • Paulette Lino, Director of Admissions and Records
  • Kathryn Linzmeyer, Director of Financial Aid
  • Gabriel Chaparro, Stem Center Equity Director
  • Abigail Patton, HSI Director
  • Terri Anderson, Director of Equity & Student Success (SSSP)

One representative from each Academic Division and Counseling (selected by the division and confirmed by Academic Senate)

  • Pedro Reynoso, Academic Pathways& Student Success
  • Jay Mumford, Applied Tech & Business
  • Kwesi Wilson, Arts, Media & Communication
  • Carmen Johnston, Language Arts
  • Jessica Gallucci, Social Sciences
  • Reena Jas, Student Services, General Counseling
  • Kyle Ishibashi, Science & Math
  • Tommy Reed, Student Services, Special Programs

6 appointed by Classified Senate

  1. Philomena Franco, Administrative Services
  2. Na Liu, Institutional Research Office
  3. Mary Love, Acadenic Pathways & Student Success
  4. Stacey Moore, Student Services, General Counseling
  5. Maria Rodriguez-Larrain, Science & Math
  6. Osibisa Roseby, Student Services, Special Programs

1-5 appointed by Student Senate

  • Lorenzo Caballero, President of SSCC
  • Taufa Setefano, ICC Chair
  • Lesly Avendano

1 appointed by CLPFA

1 appointed by SEIU

  • Cynthia Johnson, Special Programs


  • SSSP Counselors
    • Benjamin Barboza
  • SSSP Classified Professionals
    • Noell Adams
    • Leticia Reyes
  • Basic Skills Coordinator(s)
    • Patricia Shannon
  • Institutional Research Coordinator 
    • Cynthia Gordon da Cruz
  • Equity Faculty
    • Juztino Panella
  • Equity Classified
    • Robin Galas

Recommending to

Planning & Resource Allocation Committee  

General Docs

Meeting Dates 2018-2019, Room 455

September 6, 20

October 4, 18

November 1, 15

December 6, 20

January 25 (all day retreat)

February 7, 21

March 7, 21

April 4, 18

May 2, 16