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The Forecast of Funding Opportunities is by no means a complete list (although it is well-researched and pretty comprehensive). The intention behind it is to give faculty, staff and divisions enough lead time to plan and develop their projects and proposals. Many of these opportunities are annual so if you miss one this year, it is usually held again at approximately the same time the following year. If you come across any opportunities that you think should be added to this list, please email me at ywu-craig@chabotcollege.edu. Thank you for your interest!

Note: Links within these archives may not be accurate and some may have become obsolete.

Grant Year-End Report- Spring 2011

Grants Year-End Report - Fall 2009
Grants Year-End Report - Spring 2008

Grants Year-End Report - Spring 2007
Funding Opportunities for Individual Faculty/Staff - April 2007
Funding Opportunities for College Programs - March 2007
Funding Opportunities for Individual Faculty/Staff - Nov/Dec 2006
Funding Opportunities for College Programs - November 2006
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May 2002
Fund for Instructional Improvement 2002
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March 2002
Fund for Student Success 2002
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