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Personal Relationships

†What about†Personal Relationships?††

There are many types of personal relationships.† Some say, a†bond (relationship wise) is when two people have a connection. In a romantic† relationship, being attracted to each other and sharing common values and interests brings couples together, but the bond has not been set completely.

How are your relationships?† Are they working for you?† Are you happy with your experiences in relationships with friends, family, or significant others?

Chabot College has Psychology Counseling courses that can assist you by providing education on Interpersonal Relationships (PSCN 11); since you are the main ingredient that you have power over, within a relationship, (PSCN 12) on Self-Esteem will teach you how to explore your own personality so that you understand "YOU" and enhance your ability to be "the best you can be."† Additionally, for women who are transitioning in the relationship landscape, the (PSCN 8) the Women in Transition course is informative and an extremely supportive environment. Refer to the Chabot College class schedules and catalog fordescriptions or the Psychology Counseling link on Chabot College Website.

If you are attempting to explore and sort out thoughts and feelings about yourself, within relationships, or having concerns about negative patterns in your relationship history, make an appointment to meet with the Mental Health Pscyhological Counselor/Intern.† Identify what's working in your process of relating; keep it up.† For whatever is not working, STOP and learn healthy relationship skills.

We recognize how distracting it can be to focus on your classes and goals† here at Chabot, if you are having difficulty in your life, which includes relationships.

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