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        Student Health Services Staff


   Wesley Chan, M.D.
    Supervising Physician Chabot-Las Positas Student Health Services







   Rosafel Adriano-Nogra, DNP, FNP-C
   Site Director/Lead Nurse Practitioner SHC-ValleyCare Outpatient Clinics

She has been the director of student health center since it opened in 2006. Graduated cum laude from De Anza College with her Associate Degree in Nursing, and holds a BSN-MSN degree with area of concentration on International Health Family Nurse Practitioner Program and Public Health Nursing at Cal State University, LA. She recently earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at Maryville University of St Louis Missouri in 2014. She is certified through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner and she has over 15 years of experience in management of both acute and chronic diseases, and coordinating several college health programs, and wellness outreach events.  She is a mother of a lovely daughter and one adorable dog. She enjoys travelling, playing piano and biking.


   Patricia Gonsman, MSN, FNP-C
   Wellness Coordinator/Family Nurse Practitioner SHC-ValleyCare Outpatient Clinic  



   Josie Zils
   Front Office Receptionist

She has been our front office receptionist since 1999 and helped establish the Chabot-Las Positas Student Health Center. She attended West Valley College and has obtained a Certificate of Completion in Dental Assistant. She is married with two children and soon to be a grandmother. Outside of work, she enjoys to travel all over the world. She is an avid skier, cyclist and loves the outdoors.








    Amanda Moan, CMA, AAMA
    Certified Medical Assistant

Graduated from Chabot College with an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts majoring in Social and Behavioral Sciences and received her Medical Assisting Certificate of Achievement in 2014. She is certified through the American Association of Medical Assistant. She is currently attending Cal State East Bay University with eagerness to acquire a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology-Social Services. Newly married, she loves spending time with husband and family. She is moviegoer, enjoys reading and appreciate food of different ethnic background.


     Jennie Reyes, CMA 
    Chabot Health Services Student Assistant

She has recently graduated from Chabot College with a Certificate of Achievement in the Medical Assistant Program. She is currently pursuing her Associate Degree in Arts majoring in Administrative Assistant. She is continuously eager and easily adaptable to learn new ideas. If she is not working or studying, she loves spending time with her two kids. She enjoys spontaneous outings with her family, friends and colleagues.

     Cindy Vo
     Chabot Health Services Student Assistant

     Jaspreet Paneser
     Chabot Health Services Student Assistant

 Mental Health Services Staff









    ValJean Dale, MA, LMFT
    Dean of Counseling/Student Health Services MFT Supervisor

She has been the Mental Health Services Supervisor since 2006. She holds a Master of Art in Clinical Psychology, a Bachelor of Art in Psychology, is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC). She has over twenty years of experience in academic, career, personal and mental health counseling, teaching in the psychology-counseling discipline and coordinating several critical areas in the Counseling Division including mental health, health services, a prestigious FIPSE grant, and as Title IX Coordinator. She has received 2 Chancellor’s awards, the “Great Teacher” Award in 2011, and a “Student Recognition Award” for going above and beyond in teaching and service to students. She enjoys traveling and exploring new places.



    Shauna Castro, MA, LMFT
    Chabot Health Services LMFT

Shauna began at Chabot as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern in 2009 and feels it has been a precious gift to work with such diverse students in age, ancestry, abilities, sexuality etc. She is Certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy that's useful to reprocessing harmful past experiences that impact present emotions, behaviors, physical sensations. She has special interest in cultural psychology and intergenerational trauma healing. 



    Part Time Counselor
Juztino Panella, MFT Intern

    Part Time Counselor
Katie Messina, MFT Intern

   Part Time Counselor
Ray Ortiz, MFT Intern

   Part Time Counselor
Sadie Ashraf, LMFT

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