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Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI)

Goal of IEPI

The goal of this initiative is to help advance California Community Colleges’ institutional effectiveness, and in the process significantly reduce the number of accreditation sanctions and audit issues, and most importantly, enhance the system’s ability to serve students effectively. An important focus of the initiative is to draw on the exceptional expertise and innovation from within the system in advancing best practices and avoiding potential pitfalls.

Major Components of IEPI

There are three major components of the initiative:

  1. Develop a framework of indicators and college/district goals.
  2. Enhance professional development opportunities for colleges and districts through the IEPI Specialized Training Program. This includes the development of an online Professional Learning Network (PLN) and providing regional workshops.
  3. Make Technical Assistance Teams (called Partnership Resource Teams or PRTs) available to institutions that express interest in receiving assistance.

Chabot's Request for Technical Assistance

In 2015, President Sperling submitted a Letter of Interest requesting technical assistance from IEPI.  In her letter, she described the college's interest in improving the nexus between our college planning and resource allocation recommendations arising through our shared governance structure. This single area of interest was defined as having three areas of focus:

  1. Planning and Resource Allocation
  2. Shared Governance Structure
  3. Institutionalizing Institutional Effectiveness

President Sperling's request was approved and in Spring 2016 the college formed an ad hoc IEPI workgroup to collaborate with the PRT and further the college's progress in these areas. During their initial visit in March 2016, the PRT met with the IEPI workgroup, senior administration, Academic and Classified Senates, the College Budget Committee, and PRBC to gain a better understanding of our focus areas and desired outcomes.

The PRT followed up this initial visit with: (1) a written summary of their observations about our areas of focus, what we have already done or plan to do about them, and what additional IEPI resources would help us progress; and (2) a preliminary List of Primary Successes and Menu of Options (MOOs). The MOOs are suggested locations for developing best practices for our areas of focus. The PRT does not “tell us what to do," but provides peer reflective conversation and consultation to facilitate the directions we would like to go.

The PRT returned to our campus in May 2016 to meet with the IEPI workgroup and assist in the development of our Innovation & Effectiveness (I & E) Plan. In the plan, we identified objectives and associated action steps required to advance institutional effectiveness in our three areas of focus. Completing these action steps has been the primary task of the IEPI workgroup.

Visit the Innovation & Effectiveness Plan and Proposals page to review the progress we've made on meeting our objectives thus far.

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