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Institutional Effectiveness

IEPI Workgroup

IEPI Workgroup Members

In Spring 2016, Chabot College formed an ad hoc IEPI workgroup to collaborate with the Partnership Resource Team (PRT) and develop an Innovation and Effectiveness Plan to increase our institutional effectiveness. The workgroup has included the following members (current and past):

  • Carla Walter, Vice President of Administrative Services
  • Laurie Dockter, Faculty Senate President, Science & Math
  • Noell Adams, Classified Senate President, Admissions & Records
  • Carolyn Arnold, Coordinator of Institutional Research
  • ValJean Dale, Dean of Counseling
  • Amy Mattern, Dean of Academic Pathways & Student Success
  • Jan Novak, Faculty, Business
  • Arnold Paguio, Director of Student Life
  • Catherine Powell, Senior Administrative Assistant, AHSS
  • Kirti Reddy, Executive Assistant, President's Office
  • Patricia Shannon, Faculty, AHSS


Partnership Resource Team (PRT) Members

The Partnership Resource Team (PRT) is the technical assistance component of the IEPI.  The members of each PRT are selected from a pool of volunteers with expertise in a wide variety of areas and matched to the areas of focus of the requesting institution. PRTs are committed to making at least three visits to help each institution develop an innovation and effectiveness plan to address those areas. The visits are scheduled based in part on institutional needs and readiness, which are evaluated using factors such as the areas of focus, institutional effectiveness indicators, and the timing of upcoming accreditation visits. The PRT approach draws on Appreciative Inquiry techniques; it is a colleagues-helping-colleagues model, focused on best practices rather than compliance or regulation, and relies heavily on the remarkable knowledge, skills, and experience that reside within our system. Chabot College's visiting PRT is made up of the following members:

  • Julianna Barnes, President, Cuyamaca College
  • Paula Demanett, Librarian, Fresno City College
  • Diane Dieckmeyer, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Norco College
  • Elaine Kuo, College Researcher, Foothill College
  • Mario Rodriguez, Vice Chancellor of College Finance & Facilities Planning Division, CCCCO


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