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Acceptance and Policies

As soon as the required documents are received, they will be reviewed and an admission decision will be reached.  Acceptance is also subject to class availability. Admitted students will receive notification of their acceptance from the admissions office. The I-20 form will not be issued until all of these completed documents are filed with the Chabot College International Student Program office. With this Form I-20  students can meet with the American Embassy to apply for a student visa.

Date of Entry

Accepted students will be required to report to the college no more than 30 days prior and no less than one to two weeks prior to the beginning of the first semester for English and Math assessment, counseling, orientation and registration. The effective date of the student visa is established by the government agency granting the visa. To find about the visa process, go to:                  https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/study.html

Registering for Classes

Chabot College provides the data necessary for registration at the beginning of the semester. The processing of how to register for classes is covered in the New International Student Orientation. Students use CLASS-Web to register for their courses.

Immigration Policy

The United States Department of Homeland Security regulations requires all F-1 visa students to complete a minimum of 12 units of course work and maintain a 2.00 grade point average (C) each semester.

Administrative Policies for International Students

F-1 visa students will be held to the same scholastic requirements and to the same college rules and regulations as other students.

Students issued an I-20 and attending the college are required to comply with US Federal Code, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulations that pertain to F-1 visa students. Review Code of Federal Regulations, Title 8 CFR Part 22 Section 214.2(f).

F-1 students are required to pay non-resident tuition fees, enrollment fees and other fees required, as established by the Board of Trustees.

F-1 students must purchase health insurance. Such insurance should include major medical coverage to protect the student against financial catastrophe. Insurance policies must meet the minimum criteria.

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