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Institutional Planning and Budget Council

The Planning Process

The cycle of ongoing, data-driven planning and improvement is practiced at all levels of the institution. The comprehensive planning process involves 1) the program’s review of aggregated and disaggregated data from student learning outcomes, service area outcomes, institutional outcomes and external scan data; 2) a summary of findings from this program review; and 3) a two-year action plan detailing how the unit/area will improve outcomes.


Program Review and Action Plan

All academic, student and administrative services units/areas complete a formal program review process. Program review activities include a review and discussion of outcomes and trends. This includes student learning outcomes and data such as retention rates, course success, next level course completion, enrollment trends and division/institutional data, service area outcomes, and user satisfaction with administrative and student services. Administrators and managers work with the faculty and staff in their areas to complete program review.

Based upon program review findings, all units and areas complete a two-year action plan. The two-year plan summarizes the findings from program review; lists past accomplishments; goals and expectations, lays out a timeline for the action plan, includes requests for additional resources for the next fiscal year; and suggestions for new initiatives or projects. Action plans are developed collaboratively within units and among colleagues. Unit plans and division summaries, along with other resources, were reviewed in the Institutional Planning and Budget Council and were the basis for developing the 2009-12 Strategic Plan and the 2005-2015 Educational Master Plan.

The Strategic Plan

The 2009-12 Strategic Plan has been aligned with our Educational Master Plan as well as the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) Strategic Plan. It sets forth the strategies, objectives, and initiatives that the college will undertake to accomplish meet its mission and goals. The results from the continued support and implementation of these programs and initiatives detailed in the plan will be monitored regularly by looking at various measurable indicators of success. These indicators are listed with their corresponding goals in later sections of this publication.

IPBC Planning Timeline (Proposed 2-Year Cycle)

Annual Planning Timeline. 2008-09

Annual Planning Timeline, 2009-10

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