Chabot College Student Satisfaction Survey: Fall 2005
Student engagement in learning at Chabot
Comparison of EOPS and Non-EOPS Students
The Fall 2005 Student Satisfaction Survey asked students how often they had initiated various types of learning activities  
both within and outside of their classes. The responses of students who used Extended Opportunity and Program Services  
(EOPS) were compared to those of students who did not use EOPS. The results showed that EOPS students had more  
frequently engaged in learning activities than non-EOPS students in almost all areas.  
There were a number of areas where EOPS students were significantly more engaged in learning than non-EOPS students.
For example, 34 percent of EOPS students often or very often met as a study group with other students, while only 17 percent
of non-EOPS student met as a study group. In addition, 43 percent of EOPS students versus 24 percent of non-EOPS students
often or very often completed work that was not assigned in class in order to improve their skills.  
The Fall 2005 Student Satisfaction Survey was conducted in October 2005 in a representative sample of seventy-five course
sections and was completed by 1,605 students (62% full-time and 38% part-time).  
Student engagement in learning
Averaging all your classes over all your semesters at Chabot, how often have you done the following activities?
                Often or very often  
                EOPS Non EOPS  
                (n=274) (n=1,288)  
  In my classes asked questions..           49% 41%  
  I have: participated in large class discussions.. 56% 49%  
    participated in small in-class discussion or projects 63% 62%  
    made a presentation to the class..       45% 37%  
  Outside my classes discussed class topics or assignments with other students in my classes.. 47% 34%  
  I have: met as a study group with other students in my classes.. 34% 17%  
    talked about class topics with family, friends, and others.. 55% 44%  
    used e-mail to communicate with an instructor.. 41% 30%  
    met with my instructor to discuss assignments or my progress.. 40% 21%  
  For my classes come to class with my readings or assignments completed..           75% 80%  
  I have: prepared one or more drafts of a paper or assignment before the final draft.. 72% 62%  
    worked on a paper that required integrating ideas/information.. 69% 65%  
    done work that was not assigned to improve my skills in classes.. 43% 24%  
    worked harder that I thought I could to meet an instructor's expectations.. 58% 45%  
    volunteered in a community organization as part of a regular course.. 35% 10%  
  On campus tutored or taught other students (paid or voluntary)..           18% 5%  
  I have: participated in campus clubs, student government, or intercollegiate sports.. 25% 10%  
    had serious conversations with students of different religious beliefs or political opinions.. 27% 11%