Chabot College Student Satisfaction Survey: Fall 2005
Changes in Student Satisfaction with Chabot
       Student satisfaction with Chabot has increased, according to the 2005 Student Satisfaction Survey.   Compared
to two years ago, students appear more satisfied with their overall experience of Chabot, with A&R staff, counselors,
and other college staff, and with the condition of facilities, including the cafeteria and parking.

       Some of the increases may be due to fewer students choosing the middle category on the 5-point satisfaction
scale.  As the chart below shows, overall satisfaction with Chabot was lowest in 1995 and 2003, when the middle
label was "neutral."  This year, with the use of the middle label of "neither satisfied nor dissatisfied," overall
satisfaction returned to the 1997 and 1999 levels, although it was not as high as in 2001.

        In some cases, fewer students choosing the middle category led to changes in the dissatisfaction rates as well. 
More students were satisfied and fewer were dissatisfied with A&R staff and counselors this year compared to 2003,
indicating a significant increase in satisfaction.  However, in the case of the maintenance and cleanliness of the
buildings and grounds, satisfaction remained the same, while dissatisfaction increased significantly. This could reflect
the loss of hourly maintenance staff in the last two years, who used to clean restrooms during College Hour.

       The Student Satisfaction Survey was conducted in October 2005 in a representative sample of seventy-five
course sections.  Surveys were completed by 1,605 students (62% full-time and 38% part-time).
Overall Satisfaction with Chabot
        Highest Increases in Overall Satisfaction
  The most significant* increases in satisfaction were in the following areas:
          Percentage of all students  
          Satisfied or very satisfied  
    Fall 2003   Fall 2005  
 Overall experience with:    
     Chabot College 68% 79%  
     Admissions and Records staff 51% 60%  
     Other college staff 51% 59%  
     Counselors 42% 52%  
 Physical condition of:  
     Computer labs in library and departments 71% 80%  
     Learning Resource Center/Library 67% 77%  
     Classroom (lecture) facilities 56% 65%  
     Art/music/theatre/drama facilities 55% 66%  
     Cafeteria 54% 62%  
     Parking facilities   29%   37%  
Rounded Rectangle: NOTE: All percentages have a margin of error 
of 3 to 4 percentage points.
Significant* changes in satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction
     Satisfaction increased with A&R staff and counselors, while dissatisfaction increased with the maintenance and cleanliness of the campus.
    Overall experience with        Maintenance/cleanliness  
            A&R Staff     Counselors          of buildings and grounds    
  Fall 2003 Fall 2005   Fall 2003   Fall 2005   Fall 2003   Fall 2005  
Satisfied or very satisfied 51% 60%   42%   52%   57% 57%  
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 36% 31%   37%   32%   32% 25%  
Dissatisfied or very dissatisfied 13% 9%   21%   16%   11% 18%  
*Note: These differences in satisfaction and dissatisfaction are statistically significant at the p<.05 level.