Chabot College Student Satisfaction Survey: Fall 2005


Overall Satisfaction with Chabot

Most students are satisfied with their overall experience at Chabot, instructors, the physical condition of Chabot, student services, and campus climate, according to the latest Student Satisfaction Survey. Highlights are shown below.The Student Satisfaction Survey was conducted in October 2005 in a representative sample of seventy-five course sections and was completed by 1,605 students (62% full-time and 38% part-time). The main purpose of the survey was to collect student feedback on satisfaction with Chabot academic and student services and the campus climate. Information on student learning experiences at Chabot and student demographics was also collected, and will be summarized in upcoming reports. Detailed results are available from the Office of Institutional Research.

Highest Levels of Overall Satisfaction

Students reported the highest levels of overall satisfaction with the following aspects of Chabot

  Percentage of all students
  Satisfied or very satisfied Neither dissatisfied nor satisfied Dissatisfied or very dissatisfied
Overall Experience With:      
Chabot College 79% 16% 5%
Instructors 78% 18% 4%
Physical Condition of:      
Computer labs in library and departments 80% 16% 4%
Learning Resource Center/Library 77% 18% 5%
Physical Education Facilities 71% 23% 6%
Lab Equipment: Availablitiy/working order 69% 22% 9%
Bookstore 69% 17% 14%
Note: All percentages have a margin of error of 3-4%

Satisfaction with Major Student Services*

Over 60 percent of all students used the following services, and most were satisfied or very satisfied with them.

  Percentage of all students
  Satisfied or very satisfied Not satisfied
Admissions and Records 90% 10%
Assessment Testing Center 87% 13%
Couseling 75% 25%
College Bookstore 81% 19%
Food Services 77% 23%
Campus Safety and Security 79% 21%
*Note: Satisfaction with student services may not necessarily reflect satisfcation with the staff or the core service, but with the overall process. For instance, in the case of Counseling, this includes contacting the front desk, making an appointment, trying to get in for drop-in counseling, and attending the actual counseilng appointment under conditions of counselor shortages.

Campus Climate

Over 60 percent of all students used the following services, and most were satisfied or very satisfied with them.

Chabot College Student Satisfaction Survey, Fall 2005

Students' experience of campus climate

Agree or strongly agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree or strongly disagree
I feel welcome at Chabot   73%22%5%  
I am treated with respect by college staff   80%14%6%  
There is respect for differences in race-ethnicity   80%15%5%  
Overall, I feel safe at Chabot   72%20%8%  
I would encourage others to attend this college   71%22%7%