Chabot College Student Satisfaction Survey: Fall 2003

Changes in Student Access to Technology: 1999 to 2003

The Student Satisfaction Survey was conducted in 69 classes and is a representative sample of day, evening, and Saturday enrollments. Surveys were completed by 1,560 students (55% full-time and 45% part-time). From Fall 1999 to Fall 2003, students' access to computers, Email, and the Internet has grown and changed. Currently, only 7 percent of students do not use computers, compared to 20 percent in 1999. Over 75 percent now have access to computers at home, compared to 64 percent four years ago. Despite more access at home, about half use them at Chabot, an increase from 11 percent. About 29 percent of students
Notes: Students should choose more than one access location.